So I’m drivin’ on Carson Street thinking “WHY is inbound traffic lined up from the West End almost all the way back to the Corliss Tunnel at 8am?”  Sure, we usually hit some traffic here but this single lane NEVER backs up THIS bad!

Then we come out from the West End underpass and have the LUXURY of a second lane of traffic AND the view of what was holding up traffic……

Yeah, you got it a @#$@# tractor, headed toward Downtown, on a one-lane road during morning rush-hour!!!!!

Seriously???  You can’t find ANY OTHER TIME TO DRIVE TO THE NEXT PROSPECTIVE DITCH than when 80% of the people are trying to get to work?  It’s not like you have to get there within an hour after the “Call Before You Dig” folks paint up the grass and pavement with their “Don’t Dig Here” artwork!!!

We got nothing against heavy operators doing their thing but for CRISSAKES, between 7-9am, pull over, grab a newspaper, kick back in the nearest Porta-John and read the comics or  pull into  local establishment and have yourself a donut so WE can get to work or, even more fun, get to the job-site early and sleep in your tractor like yer TURNPIKE BUDDIES do, YA JAGOFF!

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