Soooo sitting there in traffic, at a red light in Oakland with standard car-spacing between us and other NON-Lottery Winners in front of us who ALSO have to go to work today.  As I’m gazing around. outta NOWHERE, this @#$@# comes up along side my left and pulls in almost perpendicular to me and wedges HER car in between me and the car in front!!!  Cuts it sooooo close that she almost takes my left fender AND my toenails off!!!

Now be honest, our IGNERNT INTREPID friend, how much earlier are ya going to get to work by going IN FRONT of me vs. taking the open spot in BEHIND the 2 cars behind me?

Hoping that, when you got to work, you realized that you had left your work keys at home next to the cup you didn’t have time to put in the dishwasher, that you had placed your Franklin Planner daily organizer on the roof of your car and it fell off as you drove into Oakland, there was a surprise pile of papers on your desk and desk chair, 15 emergent voice mails, 161 urgent e-mails that need to be answered within the hour and an invitation from West Penn AAA for a complimentary COURTEOUS DRIVING HABITS CLASS, Ya Jagoff!!!!

(Don’t worry, I did the right thing.  As soon as I had an opening, I sped up really fast next to her and gave a good looooooong STARE then shook my head! Hey, as long as I feel better!!!) 

Don’t forget about this being Pittsburgh Restaurant Week… no cooking!!!

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