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By  Laurie Koozer works at University of Pittsburgh and blogs over at

When summertime hits, you can find me at the pool. Neighborhood pools, wave pools, Sandcastle pools, I’m on it. Now I know that there are those among us who prefer not to swim with the rest of the community, but generally speaking I’ve always found the majority of Pittsburgh area pools to be quite pleasant and we’re really lucky to have so many.

That being said, there’s ALWAYS a couple of jagoffs.

Last year I had a run-in with such a person when a woman old enough to know better snatched the beach ball out right out of my 2yo’s hands. As my 2yo cried, the lady explained that the beach ball we were using was her granddaughter’s. I explained that it most definitely wasn’t and that even if it was she didn’t need to snatch it like that. Reluctantly, the lady gave us our ball and walked away.

A few minutes later I saw that lady and a motley crew of her fellow pool-goers heading toward us, this time with a pouty-faced nine-year-old. They demanded that I hand over the beach ball, displaying Pouty-Face front and center to work on my guilt.

Except I didn’t have any guilt because we’d taken this ball out of our very own beach bag and had been playing with it for nearly an hour!

One of the crew, a twenty-something dude wearing a shark tooth necklace, stood up on his tiptoes as if to intimidate me:  “My grandma says that’s OUR ball.”

Lucky for me, about that time I saw a lone beach ball just like ours floating in the deep end. When I pointed it out, Pouty-Face said that she’d been playing with it over there by the slide and after a polite apology they were on their way.

Later that night, I took out a Sharpie and wrote our last name on every pool toy we owned to avoid any future rumbles.

Cue last Saturday.

My kid took her watering can, some buckets and other assorted toys to the pool and we left them at our towel. Walking back from the deep end, I noticed that the kids from the towels next to us were playing with our toys. Personally, I try to keep an eye on my kids and make sure that they’re not using other kids toys, but, you know, to each their own.

I wasn’t overly upset about it but when 3yo noticed she definitely was. I told her to go over and ask the little boys for her toys back. She went over and politely asked.

The little boy said “Just a minute,” proceeded to fill up her pail with water to throw at one of his buddies and then WAILED it at my daughter.

It went wide left, but OH MY GOD, HE JUST THREW A BUCKET AT MY KID!

Even worse, the moms, who CLEARLY saw what happened, didn’t even offer up an “I’m sorry” or “You have to apologize, Johnny.” Nope, they just kept right on chatting.

Kids will be kids, I know, but the moms who acted like nothing happened and couldn’t even muster an apology?  Based on the looks of your expensive bathing suits and perfectly styled hair, I would have thought you had a little more class than that. Boy was I wrong, Ya Jagoffs!!!!

Laurie Koozer works at University of Pittsburgh and blogs over at Her novel, What Happens on Sunday, chronicles the lives and loves of 6 women during the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers season. And you better believe that it contains the word “jagoff”!

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  1. Oh, this post hits so close to home! The number of mothers who think that their kid can do no wrong is unbelievable. You aren’t doing your kids any favors either. Open your eyes mothers! You are rasing kids with a sense of entitlement who will grow up to become JAGOFFS!!!

  2. What also drives me nuts are people who decide to play a game of catch or pretend they are Olympic swimmers in a public pool. No concept of sharing, hogging up all the space! I sympathize with Laurie- my 4yo would get just as upset as her little one. Plus these parents…*shudder*!

  3. Kind of reminds me of the news story I saw this morning involving a 14 year old from Penn Hills who stole a car and led police on a chase. The 14 year old eventually flipped the car on the Parkway East and ended up at Mercy Hospital in critical condition. WPXI interviewed the mother and although she did admit that her son was in the wrong, she also stated that, “part of the blame rest on the irresponsible owner of the vehicle for leaving the keys in the car.”


    What part of wrong do you not get lady!!!

    It is wrong, wrong, wrong to take anything that is not explicatively yours without the permission of the other person regardless of whether the owner left the item unattended or not. That’s like saying that it’s okay to take the bicycle from a person’s yard and pawn it off because the owner of the bike didn’t lock it up. That’s like saying that it’s okay to take the GPS from a person’s vehicle because the person didn’t lock their vehicle. That’s like saying that it’s okay to take the waiters tip left on the table after a customer leaves and before the waiter comes back to clear the table because the customer was irresponsible enough to leave the tip there unattended.

    Nooooooooooo it is not okay!!!!!

    Who should actually accept “part of the blame” is the parent who “irresponsibly” raised a kid who doesn’t know (or respect) right from wrong. Maybe if dear old mom would have intervened a few years back when little Johnny was starting to display his criminal tendencies by taking proverbial beach toys her son wouldn’t be in critical condition at Mercy Hospital waiting to be stitched back together well enough to face his numerous criminal charges… Ya Jagoff!!!

  4. I have to deal with these jagoff all the time! I’m a displaced-Pittsburgher in SouthEast Georgia-it’s a young military town. I stopped going to play groups after my son was playing with a matchbox car when an another kid took it from him, my son just got up and got another car (no crying or trying to grab it back). He sat down to play and the same kid took that car away….this happened over & over (there were 7 cars). When the kid went to grab the 7th car I said “no that’s Charlie’s” AND the mother said “they are just kids” so I said “your kid has 6 cars, let Charlie have one” When she didn’t bother to make sure her child gave at least one car to my kid….I just picked him up and left!

  5. As the saying goes: The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m never going to win “Parent of The Year” award, but I’m constantly amazed at the horrible parenting skills that people have. Again, I don’t mind sharing our things with other people, but show a tad bit of respect! I can almost start my own blog on the things I see on a daily basis when it comes to kids and their parents and the total lack of courtesy, respect, and kindness. One a good note however, I can also start a blog of the decent people from the BURGH and their parenting skills!!! That’s what I love about this city!!!

  6. I don’t mind my kids sharing their toys with other kids at the pool, beach etc…but when it comes down to being rude enough to chuck said toys at my child, my b*tch side comes out. I have been known to say quite loudly to my children to gather their toys so that we can move closer to more polite people as the ones we are near apparently have never learned manners and if they had, they certainly forgot them and never taught their awful offspring!!!!

  7. This story takes me back to when my daughter was a toddler. We were at an Easter Egg Hunt, at an area roped off for children of the same age. My kid was seeking her eggs by herself until I watched a Mother, of one of the kids, push my 2 year old to get a friggin plastic egg. That may be the 1st time my daughter heard the word Jagoff!

  8. Just another reason for our kid’s to be trained to learn how to handle a firearm, because by the time they are old enough to apply for a carry permit they will probably need it to protect themselves and their family from the Jagoff scumbags that have grown up with those attatudes.

  9. I, like many others, place some of the blame on video games, movies, tv shows and the internet, on the effect and influence it has on the younger generation. HOWEVER, I grew up with the 3 Stooges, Bugs Bunny and Road Runner and all of the fist fights in westerns and I wasn’t nearly as affected as some of these kids! BUT, the BOTTOM LINE is the responsibility of the parents! Where are you, when your kid needs you? At the bar? At the casino? What words do you use, when they make a mistake, or do something wrong? “Moron?” “Stupid?” “Idiot?” Make comments like, “I could just shoot you!” “I’m gonna beat your fu*#@^g ass!” This is where parenting becomes a priority! Treat your kids like they should be treated, not like animals and thugs. Because if you do, that’s exactly they way they’ll turn out! And the parent(s) will sit back and ask, “Why me?” “What did we/I do that was so wrong?” It all falls on you!!! Sit back, make the corrections and show your kids more love and respect than they can handle! As long as they respect you, you will be successful!

  10. All… thanks so much for following the blog and for making comments.. Kim Dodson won the e-copy. But stay tuned…. Laurie’s book is going to hard copy shortly.. we will be giving one or two of those away too!

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