Sometimes these things just write themselves.  Wishing that we had a photo of this knucklehead.  Here’s the story on

Simple stuff.  Dude robs house.  Drops phone.  Gets, um…CAUGHT!!!!

There are no details if Shawn Butler was caught because of his frequent call list:

 1) Bail Bonds Office

2) Parole Officer i.e, BFF

4) Checks Cashed Office

5) Sammy – Pot Dealer, i.e, Almost BFF

What we do know is that this story makes us want to break out into song!!!!!!  We say Carley Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” works just fine! If you are from under  rock, and don’t know the song, the video is below.  You can watch it before you read our parody lyrics.

So here we go:

Hey, I just robbed you, and this is crazy.

But here’s my number, so call me maybe.

It’s hard to look right, from the line-up

But here’s my cellphone, so call me maybe!

Shawny-my-man…good luck in jail.  THAT probably won’t be a good place to lose your cell phone either.  Call us when you get out.  For your get-outta-jail gift, we will get you a cellphone belt clip so you can keep your cellphone on the next burglary, then use it to post pictures of your bounty on Facebook, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to WPXI Dave Bondy for putting this on his Facebook page!


“Your phone’s ringing, Ya Jagoff!”  Free Ring Tones

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