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By Greg Parks (Pittsburgh Comedian)

I wish harm to no man, or woman. However, motorcyclists seem to ask for it, yet ask us to be aware of their presence on the road. I know you’ve seen them, “Share the Road” “Look Twice Motorcyclists Are Out,” or “Watch for Motorcycles,” signs in yards. Yet as we travel the highways and byways of this great land, it is the motorcyclist that is taking advantage of our kindness.

You’ve seen them. You’re stuck in traffic, and here comes a motorcycle weaving through the parking lot that was Rt. 51. Am I able to do this? No. First of all the man van is too wide to fit through most areas, and the wife won’t allow it. However, if I could, I’m sure one of Pittsburgh’s finest would not hesitate to pull me over and hand me a citation.

When was the last time you saw a motorcycle pulled over for weaving through traffic?

Maybe we wouldn’t need all these signs and awareness campaigns, if you’d just follow the rules of the road, Ya Jagoffs!

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  1. I agree with Greg. Most but not all of the time it’s a young person on a crotch rocket. Another thing, Monday I was riding my Harley on 279 going south from 79 and even though the posted speed limit is 55 I have to admit I was going 70mph when out of nowhere three rice burners went by me and a half dosen cars at what had to be over a hundred. They are an accident waiting to happen. I just wish their parents or their insurance carrier could have seen this.
    The three Jagoff’s were out of site in seconds.

  2. Yes I have to agree with Mr. Dixon. I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1100, a cruiser that is often mistaken for a Harley (only it’s prettier, more reliable and a hell of a lot less expensive) and I’ve experienced the same thing… Some moron on a crotch rocket that thinks it’s cool to do a wheelie through the Ft. Pitt Tunnel. Or some other chuckle-head gets the irresistible urge to stand up on his seat while traveling up the Parkway West. I’ve seen these acts and other like them and I just shake my head and hope the idiot put that “check” next to “organ donor” on his license application.

    Note that it’s more often than not “a young person on a crotch rocket” doing stuff that, well, we probably would have done when we were young and stupid (remember Evil Knievel?). But as we’ve grown a little older we have developed a respect for how hard concrete and steel is. So we’ll make a deal here fellow motorist: us seasoned motorcyclist will be respectful and follow the same rules and courtesies on the rode as you car/truck/SUV drives do while you car/truck/SUV drivers can pay attention to the road and stop pretending that your so important that you must answer that cell phone while you’re smoking your cigarette, drinking your coffee, eating your sandwich, reading your morning paper and driving your standard.

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