This is our last gripe session about our trip to Charlotte this past week.  But, this one REALLY gets us.

Let’s do the old MasterCard commercial:

Cost of staying in the Charlotte Doubletree: $143/night

Cost of dinner at the Charlotte Doubletree:  $10/hamburger

Cost of parking at the Charlotte Doubletree:  Kind of forget but, around $10/day

Cost of me, sitting in the parking lot of a cheaper hotel, eating my Doubletree chocolate-chip cookie, sipping on my free Doubletree coffee and STEALING the cheaper hotel’s FREE internet:  PRICELESS!!!

I enjoyed my stay, and I SHOULD have for those kind of prices.  But the fact that, you give me extra warm chocolate-chip cookies upon check-in, a free razor if I forgot one, free toothbase if I forget some, a free comb if I needed one (I don’t), a free USA Today – which nobody ever reads, free soap, shampoo and hair conditioner, free electricity, free water – despite the fact that I run the HOT WATER for 45-minutes to “shower iron” my clothes after traveling coupled with the fact that your  wireless internet access is simply floating in the air and not a soul has to do ANYTHING to provide me access to it, do you REALLY have to charge $9.95 to use the internet, Ya Jagoffs??????



  1. Doubletree is part of the Hilton chain – most of their affiliated hotels charge for Internet access in the room, but that’s not always the case. In many of these properties wireless access is free in the hotel lobby, and at Hampton Inn (part of the same chain), Internet access in the room is free. If you have a Hilton rewards card and like to build up points for a free stay, Hampton is definitely the way to go. This goes double for the Hampton on Smallman St., across from the Heinz History Center.

    One more thing – that “priceless” ad campaign was for MasterCard.

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