We’re Pens fans and we are feeling like sore losers sooooooooo, we’re going to whine!

Max Talbot, we had a hard time NOT-LIKING you but, now we OFFICIALLY don’t like you – professionally, not personally!

Scott Hartnell, we REALLY hate you.. professionally AND personally…including that long hair and smirk!

Referees, not sure you did anything wrong other than not stopping the madness early on so that the rest of the game didn’t get so out of control but, either way, we ALWAYS hate “the stripes” sooooooooooooooo we hate you!

Marc Andre Fleury… we don’t hate you, we hate the defense in front of you but, PLEASE get your contact lense prescription checked… we DON’T hate you.

Pens coaches, can we PLEASE do some hockey-basics coaching about how many times the boys.. Staal, Martin to be specific.. are standing around watching the game vs. taking just one extra step to beat somebody to a loose puck?  We don’t hate you but, if ya lose in the first round again this year, Mr. Shero’s gonna have to edit his Christmas card list for 2012.

And finally, to the Pens defense… quit standing around, skate to a man, skate to a loose puck, lift someone’s stick, block a shot (it’ll only hurt for a little bit), stop pinching in and for CRISSAKES….look behind you for young Flyer players that keep racing to the net and leaving you in their fog, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!!


NOTE:  Now that we have THAT off of our chest, LETS GO PENS!!  Make some history with  rare 4-3 comeback!!!!!

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