Not much to say about this one.  Other than, probably most of our readers HAVE done this before…. just not in view of a Jagoff Catcher!!  We’ve done it….but never caught.  So before you laugh at this one, remember, this could have easily been you OR us.  And now that we’ve acknowledged THAT, let’s laugh!!

There we were cruising thru Oakland and there was this poor SOB…. gas cap laying on his trunk.  Of course, we were VERY nice and told him about it…. AFTER WE TOOK THE PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, you probably remembered your lottery ticket, 4 packs of smokes, some Funyuns, 2 SlimJims and a huge Turner’s Iced Tea while you were getting gas.  On the other hand, the stuff that’s vaporizing out of your gas tank at $3.99 a gallon is called gasoline.  And the reason why you’re currently getting .2345 miles to the gallon is….. YOUR GAS CAP IS ON YOUR TRUNK, Ya Jagoff!!!!


  1. My gas cap had a broken seal. When the dealership “fixed” it, they must have broken the tether, so now I have to sit my gas cap on the car or the ground. It will be a miracle if this isn’t me one of these days.

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