If you did not see yesterday’s Penguins vs. Flyers game, well….we lost but what an ending!

The end of the game had bodies, punches, equipment everywhere and coaches ready to throw down soooo much that they are willing to walk on the edge of the boards to get to the other guy. (Click HERE to see  the blow-by-blow summary from NBC.)

A written summary for those who could not watch the above video:

Crosby got cross-checked as he was exiting the ice after the whistle.

Joe Vitale SLAMS Philly’s star Claude Giroux with a shoulder knocking the dust out of his ears.

The “fight dances” begin all over center ice.

Coaches yell things about each other’s mothers and fathers.

Penalties, hard feelings, pouting, testosterone build-up.

Hey Philly Flowers…. you’re just as classy as the residents that beat-up the Rangers fan outside of Jeno’s during the Winter Classic, Ya Jagoffs!


Thanks to those who attended the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation’s Celebrity Charity Ice Hockey Game this past Saturday.  Click the Hanson Brothers photo see see the “Behind the Benches” video.


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