NOPE! This doesn’t mean Sid’s cleared to be fitted for contact lenses.  Sid is cleared to return to hockey.  This is soooo sprung upon us.  This situation is like the epitome of the old line, “If I’d have known ou were coming I’d have baked a cake!”  God, we’re all so caught off guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What do we do??????

So last night, on Facebook we asked,

Sid Crosby is back…. should this be a day off of work and school?

Here’s what we got:

Wait!  It snowed the other day which means we ran out and got an emergency stock of milk, bread, cheese and toilet paper.  That’s the start of a party!

C’mon, SOMEONE hurry up and do something!! Sid is back, we need a parade, fireworks (’cause EVERTHING in Pittsburgh gets fireworks… Fireworks Nights are the only time the Pirates actually sell out their games), a bring-in-snacks-and-wear-your-Crosby-jersey-to-work party and, for Crisssakes, we probably even need  a day off of work and school…. this is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than the first day of Deer Season, Ya Jagoffs!

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