This week did NOT let us down!  We’ve listed so many Parking Jagoffs on this blog that we believe the Pittsburgh Parking Authority should evolve into the Pittsburgh Parking Detention and Reeducation Authority.  But who would have the patience to teach these people?

Like this cat!  He’s driving a limo, therefore, a “professional driver” by trade.  (Notice we did not blur the plate on this one cuz he needs to have his boss figure out who he is.)

Something tells us he completely failed geometry.  Maybe he was outside cleaning those goofy marker stains off of the overhead plastic-thingies when they were doing parallellograms so the concept of his car fitting into one has completely passed him over.

Here’s the kicker, we see this car parked liked this at the North Side Post Office.  Then, we see the driver come out of the Post Office, get in his car, and remain sitting there while he reads through his mail!!!!

Hey Mr. I’m-A-Big-Time-Limo-Driver-That-Transports-Celebrities-and-High-Rollers-To-Places-Like-Rivers-Casino-And-Wheeling-Downs, how do you handle “spacial awareness” at those casino porte cochere you suave debonair silky driver??????  With the dents we saw in that “limo,” we’re thinking that your big-time “celebs” are probably more like Joan Rivers’ second-cousin’s-still-wrinkled-third-brother and the Greater-Morgantown Elvis Impersonators Convention.

And with the stack of mail you had to read, and THAT KIND of free reading time on your hands, you should consider a more relaxing place on the north side to peruse the highly  educational north, east, west AND south versions of the Pennysaver!!!!  How about over by the Riverwalk…where there ARE no parking lines, and where the geese could decorate your car with feces and, maybe some of it will even fill the dents on the hood and trunk-lid of your big-time limo, Ya Jagoff!!!!!!


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  1. Well, at least he doesn’t have the name of the limo company written in vinyl lettering on the windows. Nothing goes from “classy” to “trashy” faster than that.

    I see “nicer” cars do this all the time. I’ve never owned one. Perhaps it tells you in the manual to straddle parking lines for some reason? Maybe to prevent scratches or door-dings from people in adjacent spaces?

    Sounds like an invitation for key-ing to me.

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