God!  When the Patriots were ahead last night, we were REAL CLOSE to posting a pic of Uncle Stush as our Jag today!!!

He blocked the TV by stretching in front of us to get some buffalo chicken dip, broke the chip in the bowl, tried to dig the broken chip out with ANOTHER chip, dripped dip on the carpet, got yelled at by Aunt Tinny for not using a plate, and CONTINUED to stand in between us and the TV while he swished a napkin around on the carpet, with his toe, pretending to clean up the spill while he ate more dip.

The BIGGEST problem, he was blocking the TV during a CRITICAL point of the game… during the E*Trade commercial!!!

But, the Giants pulled it out.  And, even better, Brady and Coach Belli-CHEAT didn’t win.

We asked on Facebook last night, who should be our Jagoff post…here was the list at “PRESS TIME.”

Twitter follower, @copacet1c, also weighed in with:

tom brady; pats never winning after spygate…

Bottom line….Hey Tommy-Brat and Belli-CHEAT.. haaa.. haaaaa..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..haaaa.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..haaaaaa (oops, eeked out a pee trickle again from laughing so hard) haaaaa..haaaaaaaa.haaaaaaa….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …haaaa…(snort noise) haaaa… you guys lost….haaaa…haaaaa..haaaa.. YOU LOST, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: We don’t REALLY have an Uncle Stush and Aunt Tinny but we’re sure that EVERY party had a tv-blocking Jagoff last night!  Comment below if you did!!

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