Hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday.  Got home with a belly full of Christmas cheer and realized, “a Monday morning post is due, ya Jagoff!”  But, there it was, a Christmas present right underneath our email tree!!!  A bunch of Jagoff email submissions.  And since we just saw this same thing happen the other day while at the AT&T Store (and couldn’t snap a pic or video because they had the phone), thought this was the perfect post…(besides, it was basically written for us)!

This post was on our Facebook page about a week or so ago:

Had to stop at the Iggle on the way home today.  Casually driving through the parking lot, looking for a spot when I noticed this woman, about my age, (mid 40’s) putting groceries into her trunk.  I looked back and noticed that she was in a handicapped spot, and watched while and elderly man, WITH oxygen puffed up from his car WITH a handicapped plate 6 spaces back from lady in handicapped spot.  …I stared at her.  She ignored me, and the poor little old man puffing along, walked past her.  She closed her trunk and RAN across the parking lot with her cart, rolling it into the stall in the parking lot.  She was close enough to take it back to the store,…but, no, she must have some problem??  There doesn’t seem to be any reason why this woman is taking up this handicapped space except that maybe she didn’t want to walk?  She didn’t have a handicapped plate, only the placard hanging from her rearview. If I’d had a jagoff sticker, I would have plastered it onto her windshield!  She must have realized that I was watching because she sat in the car until I went into the store.  So, to the lady who took up a handicapped spot at the Elizabeth Giant Eagle….Are ya lazy? or just a Jagoff?

First, looks like we need to get some kind of stickers.  This isn’t the first time that’s come up.  Second, awesome that someone saw this and said, “Hey, I have to submit this to YaJagoff.com!”

To these, My-time-and-life-is-more-important-than-everyone-else-Including-those-that-are-physically-challenged-and-may-need-this-spot-But-I’ll-justify-my-actions-by-telling-myself-that-I’m-only-gonna-be-a-few-minutes-By-the-way-how-many-handicap-people-actually-do-Christmas-shopping people: you walk probably walk 50-miles running from store-to-store at the mall.  An extra 200 feet to a REAL parking space won’t kill your bunions and corns or screw up your Holiday pedicure.  You probably use the Handicap bathroom stalls too so that you have room to store all of your packages while you’re sitting!

To anyone doing this over the next few days of RETURNS AND EXCHANGE MADNESS, get ready, because running late for your hairdresser appointment or being in a hurry to get back to work on your lunch hour IS NOT a “handicap” and we will post you here, Ya Jagoffs!

Special thanks to one of our newer Facebook Follwers, Beth Ann Gallagher Warkentin, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher on this!



  1. Newsflash: sometimes you can have a legitimate (and invisible) disability and have a better day than others (or even a better day than most of your days). Sometimes walking (or riding) around the grocery store gives you a bit of energy — consider it like a Prius, where momentum builds — and you can trot your cart back to the corral. You don’t get to decide if someone has a “legitimate” disability based upon how they look or what they happen to do in the few minutes you might encounter them in a parking lot. You’re not that person’s doctor, you don’t know them, their live or their struggles.

    If you have a problem with someone parking in a reserved parking space, call the cops. If you’re not willing to do that, keep walking and thank God you don’t have a need for a placard or a plate.

  2. I think both the “spotter” and the web team are wrong and jumping to conclusions without facts. There’s no evidence this person is not disabled. None. You cannot see most disabilities. It is ridiculous to claim otherwise unless you have superpowers that Marvel Comics has yet to disclose.

    The fact in this story is that the person had a placard. That makes it legal. It isn’t any of your business to make any further conclusions based on observations from a parking lot. Your defense of “real” disabled people is shaky at best if you don’t accept that there are many, many hidden disabilities for whom those extra steps to the store can be a true challenge. If you are interested in advocating for those of us who are disabled, educate yourself. If you are interested in perpetuating stereotypes based on ignorance of the facts, take responsibility for doing real damage to people you profess to support.

    Yes, people abuse this law and take the spots illegally. But you have absolutely no way to pick them out. It is possible someone who is disabled forgets to hang their placard (you are required to take it down when the vehicle is in motion.) Just like we all forget to do things.

    I realize this site is all about judging people. But this is simply inaccurate and more focused on condeming someone than truly supporting people with disabilities.

    You have NOT seen people without a disability taking a parking spot illegally. If you think otherwise, you are burying your head in the sand and not a reliable reporter of anything. I don’t care if the person skips to the storefront balancing a a 50lb sack and ends with a backflip. You don’t know. The credibility of the person who spotted this is questionable at best and potentially libelous if they took a photo of the vehicle (if that’s on Facebook, I suggest removing it pronto.)


    • Sue…

      we do appreciate the comment and, you’re correct, we DID miss the detail that there was a placard on the car so yes, we might be the Jagoffs here for missing that detail. We definitel agree taht people abuse this law and understand your thoughts that we have no clinical way to judge people as they get in/out of their cars in an H spot. We encourage everyone to read the rebuttal you posted so that they see how you have made your point in an intelligent, professional manner.

      In no way was the post meant to callout those who use these service correctly. As far as a pic, def no pic or name on the blog or FB or twitter. We would not go that far in this instance.

      In the meantime, yours and Ann’s comments are good education for us and for all.

  3. I believe it is not possible to determine if this woman used or misused the handicap parking space without knowing her & her health history. I have issues that are not visible to most people. While I do not need a handicap parking space, I do need to use a handicap accessible restroom. I may not have a wheelchair or a walker, but I need other aspects of this type of restroom or stall. I walk fine and appear “healthy” to you but I have my own medical needs. If these “Jagoff” spotters saw me in the restroom, I have no doubt that they would submit here, and be totally wrong. My point? Please reserve judgement on people using handicap parking unless you know their issues. Thank you!

  4. I am disabled with a visible handicapped. However one can only tell when I am walking. Something similar and very hurtful happened to me when I was in high-school. Some friends and I were driving to the Jersey shore and we stopped in a 7-11. We were dressed in bikinis and shorts. I was sitting in the back. We pulled up. Parked in the HP spot with my placard visible. Before I was able to get out of the car a man comes up and says “None of you girls look handicapped. I stood up and said “EXCUSE me I am disabled”. Turns out he was an undercover cop. So it just goes to show that people need to realize “looking disabled” has many faces.

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