Thanks to Robert Schneider, Facebook follower for providing the pic above!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Lots to be thankful for hopefully.

Tommorrow, Friday, we will begin our first online auction.  Click HERE to see the people that have signed “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts.  You can purchase them in our on-line auction.  The auction will run until midnight, December 10, 2011 and will benefit the Magee Women’s Research Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

In the meantime, we have a bunch of guest bloggers writing their very own “jagoff” blogs over the next 10 or so days.  Some of the posts are written, some are videos.  It’s all exciting!!!

First guest blog tomorrow, Scott Paulsen – Mr. SpitChoke ‘n Puke!!!!!

Enjoy Thanksgiving and make sure you bid early and often for your favorite shirt!!!!  All shirts are size small so that they can be used in a REASONABLE framing!!





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