So some of the airlines have this seating policy that, if you get online 24-hours in advance and reserve your spot in line, YOU get to board first, and get first choice on seating; like the ever-popular-full-leg-plus-room-to-dance bulkhead row. Then again, if you’re with this lady, WHO IS OBVIOUSLY USED TO SAVING SEATS ACCORDING TO FIRE HALL BINGO-JUNGLE RULES, you can show up at the last minute, cuz she’s saving one for ya!

(Hey Marge, over here!! I bought us some Instant Bingos too!)

This pic was taken on a recent flight by one of our closest buds but he’s an Air Marshall and has to remain anonymous (as far as you know).  And sure enough, this lady wasn’t resting her sciatic nerve under a doctor’s orders and she’s not just trying to show of those sexy “travelin’ slippers.” She was holding the seat – and not for a kid!

(Yeah, that’s right, keep moving!!!  You ain’t sittin’ here!  This is saved for MY MAN!!)

But wait!  Is it possible that we have made a mistake????  Maybe we were too quick to judge.  At a closer look, is that a little man SQUASHED under her leg ?

NOPE!  Just us trying to give this lady an excuse for being a self-centered-all-about-me traveler.

Hey Sandy-the-Seat-Saver, there are reasons why people set their wake-up alarms for 4:38 AM the day before their flight.  It so that they can reserve a Section A Boarding Pass and ACTUALLY USE IT as opposed to having to mud-wrestle a former Roller-derby-Hey-gimme-two-more-of-those-double-diamond-specials-I-always-sit-here-and-play-47-cards-And-I-only-use-red-dobbers queen, for a good seat Ya Jagoff!!

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And in case we haven’t quite mentioned it yet, October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month!!

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