The word is a spreadin’!  Can I get a WITNESS?

We had a post ready to go for today but BUMPED IT when we received this pic, last night, from a Pittsburgh follower who is traveling.

What you’re seeing is a cell phone pic of a lady driving WHILE USING A LAPTOP.  Go ahead, scroll back up and take a second look, you’ll see it.

This photo is from an Honorary Jagoff Catcher who chooses to remain anonymous since he is traveling on business.  (No, he’s not traveling in England or Australia.)   It’s a photo of what he’s seeing in his rear view mirror in traffic on Hundred Drive just outside of Richmond, Virginia. (If you don’t trust the photo integrity, feel free to hire the local, world-famous Cyril Wecht to inspect it, he’s not busy until November comes around when everyone dredges up the Kennedy assassination.)

Is she lost and her SmartPhone is dead and can’t run her mapping app?  Wait, maybe she’s on her way to give a big sales presentation and, like most of us, fell asleep last night and didn’t get her PowerPoint slides done.  (Cuz you know, PowerPoint has brought PROCRASTINATION to a whole new level!!)  Who knows, maybe she’s emailing the staff of about the goofy driver in front of her taking a photo of his rearview mirror while driving.

Hey Laptop-Lucy, if you’re almost at your presentation destination, it’s actually time to hit SAVE and put the laptop away.  Besides, if you ARE close, it’s now time to use your OWN rearview mirror to put your make-up on during the REST OF THE DRIVE.  Or how about this novel idea, pay attention to the road, YA JAGOFF!

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

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