We love great marketing slogans and campaigns.  And that University of Pittsburgh Football “High Octane” stuff was pretty juicy – ABOUT 5 WEEKS AGO!

On the other hand, part of creating a marketing campaign is being able to “put up or shut up” or “put your money where your mouth is” or “under promise, over deliver” or some other cliche that means, if you can’t deliver it don’t try and sell it.  What if Planet Smoothie Pittsburgh WASN’T the “best tasting smoothie on the planet?”  (By the way it REALLY IS the” best tasting smoothie on the planet” and THAT will be topic of another post this week.)

Our Jagoff Staff did some co-hortin’ with some folks at Pitt this past week and, it turns out, using the phrase “High Octane” was actually a typo mistake.  The actual slogan was SUPPOSED to be “High Octupus.” (YEP!)  What happened was, during final proofing of the campaign slogan, one of the University’s Sports Marketing Interns’ smart phone auto-corrected “High Octupus” to “High Octane.”  Billboards and posters were printed before the error was caught and the team was suddenly STUCK “High Octane!”  We know what you’re saying, “That’s not even funny.  “High Octupus” doesn’t even make sense.”  You’re RIGHT and neither does “High Octane” when your offense looks like Pitt’s!

Coach Graham, no worries we still have your back since this is only your first year.  But, if you start growing a half-mustache like your predecessor, we’re gonna get pretty nervous!!!

To the Pitt Marketing Team, ya might want to check into the whole idea of assuring that your product IS what you say it is before ya start selling it!!!  Hopefully you’re not in charge of the Pirates’ 2012 marketing.  If you are, resist ALL efforts to tag them as”The Lumber Company” Ya Jagoffs!


In case you missed the link above, here’s the Facebook page for Planet Smoothie Pittsburgh – LIKE the page and tell’em “I hear you have THE BEST SMOOTHIES ON THE PLANET, Ya Jagoff!

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