Riddle me THIS Batman, “When is a Jagoff Catcher a Jagoff?”

Well, the answer isn’t hard.  But it’s tough to post on of our own as a Jagoff here on our blog.

So Mrs. Jagoff catcher calls my cell phone from work and says, “I left my cell phone at home today.  If you need anything, call my work phone.  And please check my phone for messages tthroughout the day ….”  I say, “OK, no problem!”

Halfway through the day I look at her phone screen.  Sure enough, there are messages noted.  At that point, I realize that her phone screen is locked and requesting a 6 digit password.  I don’t know it.

Here comes the GOOD part where I show my BRILLIANCE.  Not having the password is really no issue, right?  Because I’ll just text Mrs. Jagoff and get the password number!  (Do you see where this is going?)  Yeah, I’m so deeply engrained in my habits that I totally disregarded common sense and texted her CELL PHONE!

Imagine my dismay, and my disappointment THAT I SPENT GOOD MONEY ON AN MBA, when MY text came to HER phone, which was sitting right next to me!  The minute her phone went off with my text message, essentially to myself, I thought, that’s it… the only technical thing I should be in charge of should be an Etch-a-Sketch!!!

So hey, Mr. Jagoff Catcher Smart-ass-Snarky-writer-Who-thinks-he’s-smarter-than-the-average-bear-And-takes-pride-in-calling-out-the-stupid-things-others-do, being totally dependent on technology CAN have it’s disadvantages.  (JESUS!  I just realize that I’m STILL writing notes to myself with this post!)  I can just here me telling this story and my 8th grade nun, Sr. Anecita, saying, “You think your SOOOO FUNNY, Mr. !”  Or, if I was telling this to BUGGA – the first person I ever heard USE our famous phrase – She would say, “See!  You think your soooooo funny, YA JAGOFF!!!


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