We received an email about this and then it happened the same night!!!!

So you’re in the movie theater or mall parking lot in your car – just trying to go home.  You look left.  You look right.  You look in your review mirror AND, if you’re REALLY GOOD, you look out the back window.  It’s all clear so you start backing up out of the spot.

Then suddenly someone walks behind your car, pushes their shopping cart behind you or speeds by in their car behind you cuz THEIR schedule is far more important than yours.  The funny part is, you slam your brakes, yell or give them a hand jesture and THEY yell back at you as if YOU’RE the jagoff!

So without doing any blaming of the barely 18-year-old-bleach-blonde-unseatbelted-stuck-up-witch-in-your-parents-car that almost took the back of my car home with her, let’s go through some basic criver’s ed:

*  My reverse lights are on

*  My car is backed  1/2 way out of the spot

*  AND my car is moving

That means you need to learn some patience.  Stop your car and sit back and send a few texts to your little friends and give me 30 seconds outta your life to back out of this spot,  YA JAGOFF!

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  If you experience this and you are on your cell phone trying to back out with one hand and a half of brain, YOU are the JAGOFF!


Special thanks to Honorary Jagoff Catcher and Facebook follower,

Sharon Walter Hoge, for this post.

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