Ya gotta love it when our readers send us stories to post.  This one comes all the way from Italy:

“So right now, I’ m on holliday in Città Sant’Angelo, Abruzzi, Italy. Outta the blue I hear a yinzer family. The Dad say to his wife “Cheryle is zer a Wendy’s dahn at street?” Lookin for a Wendy’s in Italy? What a JAGOFF!”

Only a Pittsburgher could love ’em huh?  It’s like they say, “You can take the guy outta Pittsburgh but ya can’t take the Pittsburgh out of the guy!”  You can just imagine the same guy wondering into some downtown Abruzzi restaurant and:

     *  Being ticked off that they don’t have Heinz Ketchup

     *  Telling them that “soccer ain’t REAL football”

     *  Rolling his eyes when a local waiter doesn’t understand when he asks for EYE-talian dressing for his salad

Hey Mr. Cheryle’s Husband, your a Pittsburgher and we love ya.  In the same token, if you plan on being a globe-trotter, ya might want to consult your West Penn AAA Triptick and travel guides for some pre-travel education and, PLEAAAASE don’t tell the Abruzzi locals you are very familiar with their culture because you go to the EYE-talian Day Festival at Kennywood Park every year, Ya Jagoff!!!

Special thanks to Honorary Jagoff Catcher and Facebook Follower Pgh East End Italians for the submission!


  1. Oh , I just bet I know who that Yinzer is. I happen to know a guy with the most beautiful Pittsburgh accent that vacations in Italy. His accent is so full bodied that I sit in awe of it and cat like it’s Christmas morning when he comes to my store. He is my muse in all things Yinzer but knowing that he is representing Pittsburgh overseas just makes me smile. I can just hear him ” Hey look at dem ruins. Ha, we come all da way over hear ta see somebody’s runned dahn hause? I coulda gone dahn to Beltzhoover an saved myself sum money. Ooo, looky at dat statue of da nekkid lady. Nevermind, i like it here.”

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