Ok.. get ready, this is about as “BLUE” as this blog is gonna get!  Feel free to post a comment on your thoughts.

The photograph above appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this past week.  The guy is showing support for the Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting.   However, Gary H. (Facebook Follower) seemed to have another take.  He thinks it’s a little too early to be loving Bob Nutting and therefore the guy is advertising something else.

I “googled” a definition for the word “nutting” and sure enough, Gary H was RIGHT!  Some definitions say that “nutting” is the act of gathering nuts.  So, you COULD say, the guy above is VERY excited about gathering nuts at the baseball game.

Three lines down on the Google search, the Urban Dictionary defines “nutting” as what occurs to the male species at the height of sexual pleasure. NOW I understand why the guy is sooooo excited to hold a sign up! I mean, it COULDN’T be the Pirate owner, RIGHT?

So to Mr. Super Excited, we’re not sure what your doing here but you don’t have to advertise this in front of the mixed audience of PNC Park.  And as far as “I love nutting,” no need to be a show-off  because what guy DOESN’T, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks again to Gary H for being the Honorary Jagoff Catcher.  If this is too distateful, we’ll blame him!!!

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