I warned on my Facebook page that SOMEONE was going to get this award!! (click here for WTAE Story) I just had to wait for someone to put one on the news!

How This Stuff Happens: 

STEP 1: School puts out “rules for attire” at a prom. 

STEP 2: Some student/and or parent choose to not follow the rules

STEP 3: Student is forbidden to attend school prom

STEP 4: Someone calls the news and ACTUALLY gets ON the news with this story regarding  “How sad it is that the poor student cannot attend their prom”

WAIT!!!!  The rules were set and everyone was aware.  You didn’t follow the rules and that’s it! 

As parents, are ya supposed to teach your kids that rules don’t matter ESCPECIALLY  if you don’t like them?  OR do you say, “Sometimes rules suck and we can work on changing the rules some day, in the meantime, we have to follow the rules.”

But even more.. THIS IS NEWS???????????????????????????????????????  So THAT’S what we teach our kids.  Let’s be contraversial and get on the NEWS!!!!

I am at a toss-up as to who gets the Jagoff for this.  The parents who call the news sayin’ “my kid got locked out of the prom and is REALLY upset” or the news people who waste theirs and our time covering this stuff calling her prom night “a disaster!”  REALLY, A DISASTER????

So here we go.  I know we live in little Pittsburgh.  Its not New York or Philly where there is TONS of news on a daily basis to fill up 90 minutes of news on the weekdays and all Saturday morning.  So if we have nothing else to cover other than “sad senior can’t get into prom” maybe we need to cut back on Saturday morning news and go back to showing Scooby-doo and the Jetsons on Saturday mornings, YA JAGOFFS!


  1. Thank you for this! I had similar thoughts when I saw this on WTAE’s Facebook page, especially when I saw that about 1238 local people had taken time out of their days to comment on it. WTF? Everybody involved in this scenario is a Jagoff as far as I’m concerned. And I am right there with you on the news front. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE local news, but I think we really need more Saturday morning cartoons and less local news rehash so that crap like this isn’t constantly getting greenlighted (sorry Saturday morning anchors).

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