What is photo number one?

a) Photo of Pittsburgh’s Gateway Clipper Fleet

b) The 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates

c) A rock climbing wall

d) All of the above

(Hang in there with me, it gets tougher.)

What is photo number two?

a) Photo of Pittsburgh’s Gateway Clipper Fleet

b) The 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates

c) A fence that is used to protect you and keep you away from something harmful

d) All of the above

CLEARLY, the answer is C because.. well, the answer is always C.  Also, clearly one if these is meant for climbing and one is NOT… especially when it’s at the top of a really steep hill that over looks the City of Pittsburgh AND, when you look down over it, you notice there is nothing but rocks, trees and a REEEEEEEEALLY long fall below you!

(I am currently singing that Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong.” )

So here’s the story from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Kristi Laura Demel, 20, climbed over a railing at the West End Overlook (photo #2 above), walked onto large rocks, slipped and fell about 20 feet to the hillside below. (Click HERE for full story.)

My dear Kristi, life is gonna get even MORE challenging when you turn 21 an actually start to drink regularly – which will cause you to make some regrettable decisions.  The only way to avoid those future traps is to get in to good habits NOW of OBEYING RULES AND BOUNDARIES…ya know, manners, respect for property, etc. etc.  So the next time ya see a fence, you might want to respect that someone put it there and give yourself the benefit of the doubt that it WAS NOT PUT THERE just because someone like Andy Warhol thought it would look nice!

One other note Kristi, while you are laying in your hospital bed recovering and contemplating whether or not you should get an attorney to support some crazy claim that the fence should have been higher or that there should have been a bigger sign on it warning people to NOT CLIMB on it, review my simple quiz above just in case you take a trip, in the future, with your friends to the Grand Canyon, YA JAGOFF!!!!

Question for you Kristi:  just how much of a better view did you think you would get by doing that?  Do you ALSO believe that you should suntan on the roof of your house so that you can be closer to the sun?


  1. Your the one who’s the Jag off that gets off on other peoples mistakes. If your going to write a TRUE story about someone you might want to get your facts straight first. And you call yourself a journalist? You have no respect for me, what did i ever do to you?

    First Off, there was ABSOLUTELY NO FENCE CLIMBING INVOLVED WHAT-SO-EVER. You can clearly walk around it. I was just simply sitting on a rock trying to enjoy the view and since it had rained the rock was slippery. I had went to get up and I slipped and kept going. I know it was a stupid decision I made to go AROUND the fence in the first place, but I am paying for my own mistakes. I’m not going to make anyone else pay for them. So please leave your criticism to yourself, and leave me alone. I’m already in pain, I don’t need to hear this from someone i don’t know. So please just leave me alone.

  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your apology. Its just that theres so many people bashing me on all of the News websites saying how stupid i am, and since I’m “stupid” I should never have children, etc, and I’m just sick of hearing all the negative things they have to say about me. Ive lived my whole life making the smart and educated decisions and the one time i slip and make the worst decision of my life no one will let me hear the end of it. I just want to forget, but those people are making it really hard. I really just don’t know that to do anymore. 🙁

    • Hey.. we all DID dumb things when we were young. If this really turns out to be the worst decision of your life, you’re pretty lucky!!!! Lots of decisions ahead of you. All you can do is pick up and move on and learn from it.

      We all continue to do dumb things in our lives. Some are funny that we can poke fun at as we look back. You are sooooo lucky that you were not hurt worse!!!! You will see us poking fun at others here too!

      Hang in there and and do NOT lose your sense of humor!

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