Well, well, well!  When I’m lookin’ at this photo, I’m hopin’ that the driver of the car on the right has been inside the Curves for about, 9-days straight and has only been eating half of their Jenny Craig meals since their New Year’s resolution and fasting every Friday during Lent!

We got this pic from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.  Maybe the “parker” on the left figured the driver on the right was gonna have Cincinnati chili which would result in an instant colon-cleansing and, therefore, a suddenly lowered waist measurement and, therefore, the sudden ability to get into their CAR??

Either way, Mr. Driver on the left, if this woulda been me, I know how you woulda got that dent in yer door!   Howzabout, when I’m trying to SQUEEEEEEEZE into MY car, my Newly-polished-Steel-toed-Steel-shank-These-things-have-been-thru-more-CRAP workboots against yer door REPETIVELY, YA JAGOFF!


(FOR THE RECORD: I absolutely LOVE Cincinnati chili but within in hour, my intestines are yelling, “All exits, NO WAITING!!”)


Thanks to Twitter follower and new Honorary Jagoff Catcher, @SixBerg , for catching this Jagoff!!!


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