So this is an easy one.  Not JUST  because I’m a Penguins Fan and a “homer.”

Trevvvvvy Babeeee, so ya get yer shot at the NHL at the ripe young age of 32.

You FINALLY get a chance  to ride on the big-boy airplanes, stay in a hotel that doesn’t have rotary phones AND drink beer with legal-aged team mates that AREN’T callin’ ya GRANDPAP!!!

Well, you got PART of the job right,

1) yer standing in in the runway

2) with a uniform on

3) and yer yelling

Problem is, ya SHOULD be shucking WIENERS or ICE CREAM.

Maybe the NEXT time you get yer shot at being a pro hockey player the Human Society can give ya a free DISTEMPER shot just before the game, YA JAGOFF!!!

(BTW, do all the taunting ya want.  Yer 32 with 32 whole games played in the big-boy NHL.  The guy you were taunting – he’s only 22 and ALREADY has 14 games in the NHL.  Guess how many HE will have when HE’S 32?  Wait, that’s math, you probably have NO idea! )


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