If ya haven’t heard about this guy yet and don’t instantly recognize the pic yer livin’ under a rock the size of mount “Worshington!”

I don’t have a lot to say other than:

Congressman Lee, I’m only a blogger so maybe I’m not so smart.  But YOU must have SOME smarts bein’ a lawyer/Congressman and all. 

So what part of “Brett-Favre-got-caught-only-showing-his-pubes-but-YOU-showed-yer-face-Cell-phone-photos-are-FOREVER-Did-ya-ever-hear-of-Tiger-Woods?-You-have-a-wife-and-family-This-thing-called-the-“INTERNET”-can-KILL-ya-especially-when-ya-email-naked-photos-of-yerself-to-a-BLOGGER” do you NOT understand, YA JAGOFF!!!

(But who am I JUDGE- I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day – should be a fun day for YOU!)

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