So Uncle EDDIE RENDELL goes on “60-Minutes” and starts gettin’ all red-in-the-face, veins poppin’ out of his neck, calling people “SIMPLETONS,” etc. etc.  (CLICK HERE)  Two weeks ago he was callin’ us a nation of “WUSSIES.” 

OK Eddie, we get it!  Nine days left as Governor and yer AUDITIONING for a CNN Talk Show Host like your hooker-lovin’ buddy Eliot Spitzer.  Well howz-a-bout ya do that WITHOUT embarassing the rest of us Pennsylvanians, YA JAGOFF!!!


  1. Sorry to say to ALL the Pennsylvanians who voted for this Gambling degenerate, reckless spending, arrogant Jagoff to office for all these years. Do you pay any attention to these politicians who come out before the election and tell you they WILL raise your taxes and you are all Gun toting nutcases. There is more than ONE party to vote for and that is one who is for the People! Sorry all of you who voted for Mr.Vegas. Rendell is a Jagoff! OPEN your ears and your wallets,while Fast Eddie takes your money to his local bookie or Atlantic City and that’s the Truth!

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