Veterans Day

Real Faces of Veterans Day, 2013


Happy Veterans Day!

(Repeating these from last year since it went over very well last year and we have many new followers)

So you have today off?  Are you shopping for new furniture, a new car or a new mattress because of the red-white-and-blue colors flashed on the promo ad about “Veterans Day Sales?”  Whatever you are doing, be sure to take more than a few minutes to be thankful for your freedom.. like the freedom to write this silly, little blog poking fun at Jagoffs.

Last year, I collected personal photo submissions of active duty military and retired and deceased Veterans.  Below are the photos and personal notes I received.  Today I took a break from posting pictures of jagoffs so that you could see REAL FACES OF VETERANS DAY!

Thanks to all Vets, active duty military and their families from Ya and all of the followers!!

Feel free to leave your own “Thank You” comment below and then share the page with the Vets you know. 


Feel free to post your FAV Vet’s name and story in the comment section below.

From: Christina Abbott

Peter A. Carricato, Grandfather, US Navy

From: Carolyn Dombrosky

John F Nolan ,my dad, and his brothers Danny and Ernie Nolan injured while serving our country. All received Purple Hearts. Other brothers William and Ralph and Herman Nolan also served.

 From: Carolyn Nolan Dombrosky

I want to than the Men and Women of Pearl Harbor who gave their lives for our country shortly after this photo was taken. Scofield Baracks Wolfhounds. My dad, John F. Nolan

From: Darcel Margliotti

My son Michael Black is serving in the USNavy and has been in for 14yrs. He is a chief petty officer and is stationed in Norfolk,Virginia He really misses Pittsburgh but Norfolk has their own jag offs I’m sure.

From: Doug Graham

William S. Graham, Army Air Corp (forerunner of the Air Force), Sergeant. WWII, Drill Instructor

From: Jeanine Thomas Mattison

My handsome husband, John. Served in the Marines. ALMOST sent to Cuba during the Bay of Pigs incident. Happy Veteran’s Day, honey. To all Veterans everywhere, happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service.

From: Jeanine Thomas Mattison

My Daddy. Served in WWII as a Pharmacist’s Mate. He died in 1981 at the young age of 57 from a heart attack. I miss him SO much! Happy Veteran’s Day Dad. And Happy Veteran’s Day and a BIG thanks for your service to all Veterans everywhere.

Janet Lopez Latini

My father
Dominic A. Lopez
United States Army

From: Jodi

My brother in law, Bernie Switala, is in the US Army – Infantry. He is currently stationed in Alaska at Ft Wainwright. He returned in April from a year long tour in Afghanistan. He’s still kind of a jag 😉 but I love him! And I’m honored to call him family. This is a picture of my daughter when Uncle Bernie surprised her, coming home at Christmas last year.

From: Joy Brown

John Campbell
Brother (Younger)
United States Marine Corps. (Devil Dog – OooRah!)

From: Kathleen Ganster

These are the three Jennings boys from Hampton, PA who fought in WW II. All three were pilots, one lost his life and the other was a prisoner of war, but escaped. They are all gone now, but their little sister, Dolly Ganster, still lives in Richland Township.

From: Linda MacDonald

My husband, CW4 Scott MacDonald
US Army, 20 years and still serving…Castle Shannon native!

From: Maureen Martini

This is my Pap, Charles V. Devine. He fought in the Army in WWII. He disobeyed orders to save his unit and received a Purple Heart and two Silver Stars. He passed in 1981.

From: Patti

While stationed on the USS GEORGE H W BUSH (CVN 77) the past 2.5 years, I had the opportunity to meet the name sake and GW Bush!

From: Patti J. Kurtz

Ted Kurtz, Master Sergeant, US Army, my father

From: Spring Weight

My grandfather…Army…WWII

From: Stacie Holmes

My brother (who was a jagoff but not for today lol) Scott M. Holmes, PN2 US Navy, deceased 7/25/2001

From: Steven Fernald

My best friend of 28yrs… US. ARMY.. Josh Patton

From: Susan Shannon Cottrell

I am submitting a picture of my Dad for veteran’s Day.

John D. Shannon Jr., USN
World War II, The Korean Conflict

Aliquippa, PA

From: Tom Link

Sgt. Bradley Link , my son, U.S. Army Infantry 10th Mountain Division ( retired ) Purple Heart recipient.

From: Vince Ryan

LCPL Christopher Ryan

From: Vince Ryan

SSG George Smolyak

From: Vince Ryan

Navy – John Cross (Cousin)

From: Vince Ryan

Marines – LCPL Josh Herrin

From: Vince Ryan

Navy – Gunners Mate Vincent P. Ryan (Grandfather)

From: Vince Ryan

Navy – Bill Sell (Uncle)

From: Walter Harvey

EO1 (SCW) Walter Harvey and EO1 Lou Wilson training during a cold weather field exercise. EO1 (SCW) Walter Harvey 24 yrs of service, 8 active, 16 reserve, EO1 Lou Wilson 6 yrs active, 10 yrs reserve.

Zac Wjocik

Pittsburgh Veteran AD USAF Firefighter 2006-2010

From: Jodi McKevitt

My son Michael graduated from Army Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, SC Nov. 1, 2012. He is now in AIT for Explsove Ordinance Disposal. His goal is Special Forces. I know he can do it!


From: Ryan

This is a picture of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1607; Outer Banks North Carolina. My father is the Material Staff Officer for the Flotilla and also for Division 16, 5th Coast Guard District Southern Region. (A. David Butscher Top row, first on left)

Prior to this he served active duty in HQ U. S. Army Europe and 7th Army, Heidelberg, Germany. He worked in the Executive Office, Office of the Adjutant General.

From R. Withee

Spec 5 James G. Withee Jr. Vietnam conflict. Drafted for the third time in 1968.

From: R Withee

Cpl. Tyler Southern Triple amputee, Afghanistan.


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It’s Veteran’s Day – So Why NOT Put Mattresses On Sale

There are a bunch of locally produced TV commercials that deserve posting on this site.  You can see a few if you click on COMMERCIALS in the right-hand column.  But this ranks right up there with those newspaper ads that say, “One Day Only Martin Luther King Day WHITES Sale!”  Really?

If you click on the graphic above, you can watch the video of this 30 second TV commercial.  In case you’re in a hurry, here’s part of the copy:

Mattress Discounters is honoring Veterans Day with 5 incredible days of mattress savings.

Look for unbeatable deals throughout the store!

Latex, Memory Foam, Adjustable Mattresses

Oh… what a great way to honor our Veterans, PUT MATTRESSES on sale!!!  Why not, they’re just like the sleeping conditions our veterans get when they’re deployed – “Latex, Memory Foam, Adjustable Mattresses.” But wait.  So they’re using the day to sell mattresses.  But at least they paying tribute to Vets, right?

Did you watch the commercial yet? (If not, CLICK HERE then take the quiz below.)

OK.. what was missing in the “We Honor Veteran’s Day” commercial?

a) A REAL Veteran

b) A thank you to a Veteran

c) A mention of a discount ONLY if you are a Veteran

d) All of the above

Hey Mattress Discounters, we understand business and self-serving advertising.  After all, look how many times we pitch our silly t-shirts!!!  But, it just doesn’t seem right if we would say, “We’re honoring our Veterans today buy selling our Jagoff t-shirts at a discount!”  Maybe a little better advertising would have been, “Welcome home to a new mattress, vets! For every 5 mattresses we sell on Veteran’s Day, we’re gonna donate 1 to a returning Vet!”

Oh wait, we have it!!!   This should be you’re ad, “We’re honoring our Vets with our new “feel-like-your-sleeping-on-a canvas-cot-or-a-sleeping-bag-on-a-mound-of-sand-with-dangerous-mortar-fire-blowing-up-in-the-distance” mattresses??  This Veteran’s Day “Special” also includes a free Dyson fan that blows sand into your face, eyes, ears and every other body crevice WHILE you sleep!

As silly as it sounds, it seems a whole lot less exploitive than your 5-day sale “tribute.”  Here’s another ad idea for around Christmas, “If you don’t buy a mattress as a gift for your spouse, PUPPIES MIGHT DIE,”  Ya Jagoffs!


By the way, go buy a “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirt by clicking on the pic below.  We actually HAVE sent some free ones to some Pittsburgher millitary staff!  But we mainly sell them to raise money for Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.