Pitt Renames Athletic Facility Overnight



Pitt lost another, “I really wanna be here,” head football coach as Paul Chryst headed to Wisconsin.

It’s another, “We really, really, no, I mean, REALLY… wanted this coach here at Pitt” choice by Athletic (or as my uncle might say ATH-a-LETIC) Director. The only thing different about this failed Steve Pederson coach selection was the fact that there’s a new Chancellor at the University.  We’re pretty sure that, before Paul Chryst was instructed to turn his cell phone to “airplane mode” and put his seat into the upright position on his private jet ride to Wisconsin, Pitt chancellor Patrick Gallagher, was meeting with Stevie for the old, “I know the holidays are coming up but…” kind of chat.

Hey Stevie, did they grade on a BIG curve in Athletic Director School?

For Crisssakes, even  a weather forecaster as awesome as WPXI’s Scott Harbaugh would be looking for work with YOUR kind of percentages, YA JAGOFF!!!


Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – John Malecki, Wood Crafter

It’s Wednesday and time for a Yakkin With YaJagoff episode.

We are yakkin with John Malecki, former Steelers player, Murrysville native and now wood-crafter. After he shakes my hand and almost breaks it, we get comfortable and chat about wood stuff like two wood-working buds. Then, we test him on his Pittsburghese.

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For the production!


Jagoff Sign at the Pens Game?


Well, like the photo says, we didn’t pay this guy but how good is this?  If you know who this is, have them get in touch with us.

And yes, we dedicated today’s blog post to highlight this person(s) because, there they are right in the front row and, as far as I know, where not asked to leave OR remove the sign.  Is that because of our push to get the word into the dictionary?  Who knows but, we love these yinzers!

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Big thanks to @Melwedde for the pic and, even more, the willingness to give this blog credit.  Kind of cool that she thought we had that kind of influence!  See tweet:

are you behind this?