That Little Engine That Just Gave Up


Location: McIntyre Square (Pittsburgh North Hills)

Is this a car that just ran out of gas or broke down?  There’s now t-shirt or rag hanging from the window and no note.

Is this a bad night of drinking turned in to a “Where in the hell did I leave my car?” scenario?

Is it someone who failed the concept of “parallel” in geometry or someone who ALMOST mastered the concept of perpendicular?

My thought?

This is one of those older guys who drove “The Mrs.” to the mall to get a few things and chose to sit in the car vs. going into the store and sleeping on a chair. However, “The Mrs.” ran a little too long so he had to go head in and take his hourly pee.

I dunno.  What are YOUR thoughts on what this is?  (Comment Below and be sure to end it with…..YA JAGOFF!)


Thanks to Ryan B from Facebook for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

A Non-sign-readin’ Suburban Jag


Got this on our Instagram account.  Part of the Instagram message was:

I happened upon this fockery on my way home from work while sitting in traffic.  All I could think of was “jagoff” and had to share.

Ahhhhh probably too busy reading emails on their phone to read any signs that might be on the road.  You can understand the lack of focus and the importance of it, right?  Maybe we just need to use our jaggoffestrator in real-life traffic reporting… us and Jay Caulfield from the Pens broadcasts!  And then Jay runs their licence plates and then pounds a fist into their car hood!

Get the phone outta yer hand, use your turn signals, stop alternatively flooring the gas/slamming on your brakes and look at the signs on the road, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to @__Dawnstar412__ on Instagram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.


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