Penguins lose to Flyers

Pens Lose To The……… ahhh FORGET IT! Let’s Pick on Mike Milbury!


Well….. whodda thunk?  The Penguins go up 2-0 in the early first period against Philly.  Somehow or another the game goes upside down and we are down 4-2.  Then, in between fights and penalties, the Pens draw within 1 goal with almost no time and then tie it with even LESS time.

Twitterverse was going NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then suddenly, with even less-less time, the Flyers take the lead again while Pens goalie RB is taking swimming lessons on the blue paint in front of the net.  With the Penguins standing around him, it looked like a postcard for the Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium exhibit!!!!!!!!!!!

But this isn’t a sports blog and we are not about to call out the beloved Penguins so early in this Jagoff-of-a-half season.  So we turned our pent up anger toward an easy target, almost as easy as Cris Collinsworth, unemployed hockey coach/administrator turned NBC NHL announcer, Mike “I wanna be outrageous like Canada’s Don Cherry” Milbury.

Milbury and his Thug Friends come on before and after the game and in between periods.  They say stupid stuff!  And their stupid stuff sounds like REALLY STUPID stuff when the Pens are losing and their REALLY STUPID stuff sounds like REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID when the Pens are losing to the Flyers after being ahead!

So let’s get at him while I’m still ticked…

It’s well known that Mike Milbury, as a hockey coach/administrator was a total failure.  His NHL reporting, is about the same but he continues to get paid and now seems to be carving himself a circus-personality like Hockey Night In Canada’s infamous Don Cherry.

Hey Mike DINGLEbury, keep up the good work.  With the kind of credibility you’re building, you might soon be promoted to selling balloon-busting-darts with a traveling carny group, “3 darts for a buck!”  In the meantime, since you seem to idolize Canada’s outlandish Don Cherry, we thought we should re-post our Draw Something  work to HELP your image.


Do us a favor, please SHUT UP.. just SHUT UP during Pens games, YA JAGOFF!!


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Pens Game Frustration


We’re Pens fans and we are feeling like sore losers sooooooooo, we’re going to whine!

Max Talbot, we had a hard time NOT-LIKING you but, now we OFFICIALLY don’t like you – professionally, not personally!

Scott Hartnell, we REALLY hate you.. professionally AND personally…including that long hair and smirk!

Referees, not sure you did anything wrong other than not stopping the madness early on so that the rest of the game didn’t get so out of control but, either way, we ALWAYS hate “the stripes” sooooooooooooooo we hate you!

Marc Andre Fleury… we don’t hate you, we hate the defense in front of you but, PLEASE get your contact lense prescription checked… we DON’T hate you.

Pens coaches, can we PLEASE do some hockey-basics coaching about how many times the boys.. Staal, Martin to be specific.. are standing around watching the game vs. taking just one extra step to beat somebody to a loose puck?  We don’t hate you but, if ya lose in the first round again this year, Mr. Shero’s gonna have to edit his Christmas card list for 2012.

And finally, to the Pens defense… quit standing around, skate to a man, skate to a loose puck, lift someone’s stick, block a shot (it’ll only hurt for a little bit), stop pinching in and for CRISSAKES….look behind you for young Flyer players that keep racing to the net and leaving you in their fog, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!!


NOTE:  Now that we have THAT off of our chest, LETS GO PENS!!  Make some history with  rare 4-3 comeback!!!!!