The Steelers Now Have Michael Vick!

Back in 2012, when the Steelers beat Michael Vick, my dad posted the photo below.

He says it got SHARED a lot but I’m not sure what that means since I pretty much don’t share anything… bones, food scraps, dirty socks or couch space included.  I’m not even sure he had the right to post my photo but, he gave me a pile of Milk Bones and I accommodated him!

By the way, it took me forever to type this blog.  First, the keys aren’t big enough for my paws. Second, I get frustrated when I see internet pictures of other dogs and they have no scent for me to snarf up.  My nose also makes the screen a mess and I keep hitting my eye on the corner of the laptop screen when I try to stick my head out of the Windows 2007 icon!!  My dad has also blocked any websites with pictures of fire hydrants… I don’t know why but I also know that he told me that I wasn’t allowed to “MARK” any of my favorite websites.  He says it would short out the keyboard!

OK.. so on to this Michael Vick “sitch” which is a word I hear kids in the neighborhood say.  I was born near Cleveland but I have been a Steelers fan since I was a “young pup!” (Get it??)  Yesterday I had to watch the news about that dog-torturing-Jag Michael Vick coming to Pittsburgh to play as a backup quarterback?? I cheered with everything I had (ran around the house barking) for the Steelers to NOT sign him.  When he was playing for other teams, I would hope that the other teams’ defenses would bite him, stick their finger in his eye through his face mask AND give him one of those “I just ate some grass and some of my old poop” dog burps right in his face while they were on top of him.

To be honest, I really didn’t understand 100% of the words that were coming out of the TV yesterday.  (I really only understand the words SIT, STAY, WALK, PEANUT BUTTER, TREAT and PAW.. which means TREAT eventually). Hold on one minute…..(fart)….heee!  Whew!!  That smelled like sausage.. time for me to get up and move and look at my butt while I walk away.

OK.. my paws are BARKING.. (Get it??) from all of this typing, plus, I think someone just dropped some food on the floor so, let’s end this thing.

Here’s the thing… the Steelers needed this controversy less than I need to go chase a ball for no good reason in the middle of a hot day. Lots of people complaining and lots of people saying, “Hey, he did his punishment, let it go!”  Me? I just hope he doesn’t move in next door and start offering Milk Bones because I will be just as torn about him as all of you.

To those saying they will not watch Steelers games any more, BEEE CAREFUL…. don’t forget that replacement #7 jersey you had to buy after burning the old one when HE got in trouble!

WAIT!  While I have the bully pulpit, I have to say one more thing, I don’t know who’s test-tasting the stuff but “beef flavored” dog food is BOGUS!!  It tastes NOTHING like the steak scraps I have been sneaked under the table a few times, Ya Jagoffs.

HEY!!! Have your pets comment below on my blog post. 


Maybe I will get a chance to write another one soon!!

Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – The “Yinz” Movie is Coming

We are yakkin’ with Jeremy Michael Cohen

He’s making a Pittsburgh movie called “Yinz”

His Kickstarter fundraising for the movie went nuts!

It has already surpassed its funding goal and still has a week to go.

(Gonna be filmed in New Castle…..watch the video for when)

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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.02.12 PM

For the production!

Should We Ban the “Woo?”

Stop the Wooo 1.0


So if you’re at OR watching the Pirates games… (and soon the Pens games) you will hear random fans yelling a high-pitched “Wooo!”  They then wait for someone else in the stadium/arena to “Wooo!” back and then the “Wooos” kind of bounce around.

The background of the “Wooo!” seems to be outlined by our buds at PenguinPoop.com.

Mainly this happens in later innings of the Pirates’ games when people are tired of sitting on their hands and/or eating nachos.  I gotta tell ya, I kind of liked the “Wooo!” in the beginning but, that’s when I am sitting at home hearing it in the background of the broadcast.  But, if someone was sitting next to me at PNC Park, I would find some creative way to spill beer, popcorn, nacho cheese, ketchup and mustard.. and then more ketchup on them.

Some Wooo-ers stand up and just yell, “Wooo!”  And then some kind of sneak it out like a guy farting in front of his girlfriend’s family…. the subsequent nobody-knows-it-was-me giggle is the same for both.

But now, it’s just become an annoying thing aaaaaaand.. guess what?  That is the key to doing it now!  It has become the non-seflie-stick-selfie-stick-level-annoyance-thingy in public places.

So where are you?  Is the “Wooo!” an annoyance or are the Wooo-ers just fans having fun at the game?

Here’s one thing that I know:

My guess is, if the decrepit, worse-than-the-walnut-wood-paneling-in-your-parents-OR-YOUR-basement-eyesore  Mount Washington sign had this written on it:

Wooo 1.0

neither the City of Pittsburgh or the Lamar Advertising would have to spend a nickle to tear down the sign.  It would be equal to someone hacking it and typing “Warren Sapp is AWESOME” on it and the sign would be razed via rabid crowd withing minutes of tweeting, “We’re meeting at the sign to tear that #$@#^%#@ dahn!”

Sooooo…do you hate or like the “Wooo” and why ? (comment below)

On the meantime, Wooooooo, Ya Jagoffs.


Thanks as always to Anna of Mary Mac’s Bakehouse for her Photoshop Genius-ness!

MaryMac Bakehouse