We Lost to the Buccaneers????? For Cryin’ Aht Lahd!


I know what the issue was!

The Pirates (Bucs) were playing the same time that the Steelers were playing the Buccaneers (Bucs).  All of the tweets of #LetsGoBucs got Tampa all pumped up. Seems like as good of a reason than any answers the coaching staff have at this point.

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She blogs about helpful travel tips, things to do in Pittsburgh and, of course, she’s from Boston originally and fell in love with Pittsburgh!

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That Little Engine That Just Gave Up


Location: McIntyre Square (Pittsburgh North Hills)

Is this a car that just ran out of gas or broke down?  There’s now t-shirt or rag hanging from the window and no note.

Is this a bad night of drinking turned in to a “Where in the hell did I leave my car?” scenario?

Is it someone who failed the concept of “parallel” in geometry or someone who ALMOST mastered the concept of perpendicular?

My thought?

This is one of those older guys who drove “The Mrs.” to the mall to get a few things and chose to sit in the car vs. going into the store and sleeping on a chair. However, “The Mrs.” ran a little too long so he had to go head in and take his hourly pee.

I dunno.  What are YOUR thoughts on what this is?  (Comment Below and be sure to end it with…..YA JAGOFF!)


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