Jagoff Drivers

Dashcam Guy … Real Videos of Jagoff Drivers


Dashcam Guy is ready with some more video of Pittsburgh’s drivers and favorite intersections.

As Dashcam Guy says, “Dashcam footage from my Ford Ranger as I trundle about the City of Pittsburgh, PA, capturing the inane, insane and downright stupid drivers out there.

Watch the video…. hopefully you do NOT see yourself….
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And Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook out cuz Dashcam Guy LIVES, Ya Jagoffs!

Real Jagoff Driver Videos… Gotta Love It!


Hey!!!  It’s been a while since we saw anything from Dashcam Guy!!!!  Here is some video footage of real Jagoff drivers around the area.  We’ve in spected it…..and didn’t see our own cars on it so we decided to post it!! LOL!!

Some highlights you won’t want to miss….

1:32 two guys creep through a red light

2:13 Left turn from the center lane

3:54 U-turn around EVERYONE from the curb lane

5:24 minivan cuts in on exit and then passes everyone on the shoulder

6:25 merging cellphone talker

DashCam Guy has 2012 Jagoff Drivers “Part Two” coming next week… right here!!!  Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel if ya wanna.

And to the dude going to the bathroom on the sidewalk at 6:57, go find a porta-jon, Ya Jagoff!!!!

The New BMW Construction Vehicle


The above photo (minus our Jagoff-astrator notations) came to us with this caption:

Who needs a truck #jagoff ?

Haaaa… (sniff)… haaa.. that’s kind of it, RIGHT?   This is another one of those “Damn-it-I-wish-I-had-gotten-the-SUV-or-Pickup” posts. (See the previous hot-tub post here)

The first thing we thought of when we saw this pic was, “Boy that DYI Channel sure is bringing out the handyman in everyone!!”  We can just see this guy.. he gets up in the morning, goes to the spa, runs to Starbucks for a cappuccino-carmel-double-shot-of-vanilla-with-a-whole-lotta-other-crappa-lotta, has a cup of yogurt and says, “Honey, I’m gonna go put in a french drain today!!  But before I stop and get the pipe, I have to stop at Macy’s to get a flannel shirt and a pair of those work jeans, the kind that have the tool-holding-hooky-thingies on the hip.”

As an FYI, we are absolutely HORRIBLE at home repair products.  Like, if you were calling a list of people to help you with a home repair project, we would be on the list BELOW your drunken Uncle Stush who will only come over if your fridge is full of Iron City cans.

So back to the BMW…. we wondered if this was a special option for BEAMER drivers who like to smoke but don’t want the second hand smoke to blow toward their kids in the back seat.  Then we thought, maybe this is a FANTASTIC new church-pipe-organ-entertainment-center option.

But NOPE!  It is what it is.. a BEAMER hauling stuff.  One thing to note, a wise man named Tony D. once told us that every home construction project takes, at least 3 separate trips to the hardware store.   It’s true.  We’re not sure if this was trip #1, 2 or 3.

And to “Steely McBeamer” (that was crafty, huh?) if ya have enough $$ to purchase that nice car, don’t ya have $19.95 to rent the Home Depot truck for an hour OR hire the “We Haul Anything Including Your Sleeping Mother-in-Law” people from the Pennysaver or Craig’s List, Ya Jagoff?


Thanks to our Virginia-based Twitter Follower and Honorary Jagoff Catcher Lowell Murray.


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