Jagoff Drivers

A Friday Jagoff Driver Two-fer!

Yeah! A Two-fer special from our bud Jackie.

Two Block-blockers in two weeks. Seems she should get a prize for this but, we’re cheaper than your Uncle Stush who used to scotch-tape  a dollar’s worth of nickles to the inside of your birthday card up until your 13th birthday.

The tweet with the top pic was:

Is this real life

And the intersection tweet was:

This is what we call a and a

Are we on the Kennywood Bumper cars?   Is the guy in the top pic a 6-year old that doesn’t realize that, if you turn the wheel the entire way to the left or right the car goes into reverse?  Is the car in the second pic a 14-year old boy friend/girl friend couple in matching sailor hats with their names on them where the male is trying to look “Doe” low-riding and just wants to sit there and get hit to see his girlfriend freak out?

Nope!  These are just people who believe THEIR life is more important than everyone else who’s on the road.  Because, as you know, sitting through the next red light makes a difference in you getting to the office 98-seconds faster than if you would have sat through the light!

I go back to the the original thought.  If we had cops at these intersections, we could fund the City’s debt and pay off both stadiums and the Consol Energy Center.

Seriously though, are you  the same people that stand in that critical space at the grocery store, the space between the end of the aisle and the cashiers, talking to your friends?  Are you all middle-children-syndrome people looking for attention?

Get outta the way Ya Jagoffs!!!

Huuuuuuge thanks to Jackie Schafer of WTAE for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

Follow Jackie on Twitter @Jackie_Schafer

Dashcam Guy … Real Videos of Jagoff Drivers


Dashcam Guy is ready with some more video of Pittsburgh’s drivers and favorite intersections.

As Dashcam Guy says, “Dashcam footage from my Ford Ranger as I trundle about the City of Pittsburgh, PA, capturing the inane, insane and downright stupid drivers out there.

Watch the video…. hopefully you do NOT see yourself….
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Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel if ya wanna.

And Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook out cuz Dashcam Guy LIVES, Ya Jagoffs!

Real Jagoff Driver Videos… Gotta Love It!


Hey!!!  It’s been a while since we saw anything from Dashcam Guy!!!!  Here is some video footage of real Jagoff drivers around the area.  We’ve in spected it…..and didn’t see our own cars on it so we decided to post it!! LOL!!

Some highlights you won’t want to miss….

1:32 two guys creep through a red light

2:13 Left turn from the center lane

3:54 U-turn around EVERYONE from the curb lane

5:24 minivan cuts in on exit and then passes everyone on the shoulder

6:25 merging cellphone talker

DashCam Guy has 2012 Jagoff Drivers “Part Two” coming next week… right here!!!  Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel if ya wanna.

And to the dude going to the bathroom on the sidewalk at 6:57, go find a porta-jon, Ya Jagoff!!!!