8-Year Old Drives Drunk Dad Home


This is another one of those, “WHAT MAKES SOMEONE THINK THIS IS OK” posts!!!!  Apparently this lady has the only PA Drivers Guide with a typo in it!

You can click here for the TribLive version of the story but the summary is:

*  Frank allegedly assesses that he has had too much to drink.

*  He then ALLEGEDLY rationalizes to himself that it’s PERFECTLY FINE to let his 8-year-old son jump in the car and help daddy out by driving the car and daddy home. (HECK, she drives the Kennywood Park Turnpike ride like a CHAMP!)

*  The end result was NOT the optimum result but PROBABLY the EXPECTED result – some damage to the family truckster, an emotionally traumatized little boy and dad proving why adults should need a license to take care of kids (smile for the mugshot daddy!)

Franky – let’s think of a few alternatives to your decision that you might have made:

1)  Find another licensed driver to drive you home

2)  Wait for the other driver while you even enjoy another drink

3)   Go the next day and pick up your car at the VFW …with another licensed driver.

4)   Take a series of selfies of yourself giving noogies to other bar patrons.  I guarantee someone would have found you a way home!

We can just see it now when the boy is 16, “Hey dad, remember that one time when….uhm….. NEVER MIND!”  And then there’s ten more years of “Mommy, can I go with dad to….uhm .. NEVER MIND!” And you can just hear her at Kennywood Park, “Whaddaya mean I’m NOT tall enough to ride the bumper cars, I did this FOR REAL, buster!”

Franky, if by any chance you are a dump truck driver, helicopter pilot or a bulldozer or crane operator, PLEASE stay home on “Take Your Child To Work” Day, YA JAGOFF!

Is That “Do Not Enter” or “Donuts, Enter”

YJ-SpodeSnapChatThis is a big day. There have been Jagoff pic submissions via Facebook, Twitter, email and Instagram.  This is our very first from SnapChat.

At some point in this photo, one of the drivers, across the intersection, is going to say “What the????”  You can almost bet that the driver going the wrong way will yell and throw fingers at the driver coming head-on at him because, that’s kinda what happens around here.  Nobody likes to admit they were wrong… despite the bilateral “Do Not Enter” signs.

For me, I say, “The things ya see when ya don’t have a bulldozer!

I’ll bet if the signs said, “Your cell phone won’t work past this point and you will not be able to send or receive texts” ya would have noticed, Ya Jagoff!



It’s a Peter Parker Friday


I’m taking the EASY way out for this Friday blog post and officially calling today #PeterParkers Friday.  If you’re new here, you can find out why we call these #PeterParkers here.

Ya gotta love the kayak guy.  Guessing there was no place to park that thing in the back anywhere.  He wanted to show off those spiffy kayaks.  Not sure which would sink faster, one of those kayaks or that truck.  Anyone know a truck/kayak restoration

And on the car in the New Jersey parking lot…. the driver is actually sleeping in the car.  Who wants to be the first to drive up right to the front bumper, turn their headlights on and lay on their horn?

Thanks to Hawaii Instagramer @808Nori_t and Facebook follower Brian B. from New Jersey for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers!

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