Cake Thief ALLEGEDLY Steals Free Cakes


Photo Credit: Allegheny County Jail Staff Photographer


As the header above says, this blog is about “Calling out the Jagoffs that make the rest of us look bad!

Well, this is certainly one of them, there stories.

We would have quoted the story from a local news paper with the initials “PG” but we couldn’t.  You can read up on THAT matter here, Why the name “Post-Gazette” is banned from the Jagoff Newsroom and Blog.

But here’s a summary of the Cake Boss story from the WTAE website:

  • Buddy The Cake Boss comes to town from New Jersey
  • He intends on passing out 10,000 cakes in Market Square
  • A long line forms
  • For some reason, some people in line actually convince themselves that there are more than 1o,ooo people in line in front of them on a regular work day and therefore they may not get a free 7-inch cake that feeds a family of…well.. 2, so a few of them become unruly … (probably attributed to too much Reality TV watching)
  • The guy pictured above, William Davenport takes it a step further.. he has a few drinks and then he ALLEGEDLY steals some of the cakes….. the cakes that are already FREE!  (THAT puts the icing on the cake .. so to speak)
  • Now William is about to get in a different line for a different kind of cake HOPING that there is a file buried inside one of them that might cut through the Allegheny County Jail bars!!!

Boy, if there is any better proof that alcohol causes you to make bad decisions.. from ugly bar pickups at 2:30am that you only realize are bad decisions as the sun rises, to stealing FREE CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The cool thing.. no sweat off of squeaky Buddy’s back, he’s from Jersey.  This is normal to him.  He kind of planned on the cakes being stolen so that he didn’t have to spend all day actually handing out 10,000 cakes!

(We’re gonna finish this with a post written by Vince Ryan over on the Facebook page.)

Hah ! Willy-boy, Super-Uber-Jagoff !!! They were FREE!! All ya had to do was wait !!!

What ? You didn’t have time to wait ? Guess what ??? Now ya ain’t gonna have nuttin’ but time to think of why you tried to steal cakes that were free, Ya Jagoff!!!


Special thanks to Vince Ryan, Mary McAnallen and  Lynne Ralston  (all from Facebook) for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers for today’s blog post!!!


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Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff, JP Diroll, Burgh Photographer

Welcome to our weekly “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We’re yakkin’ with Pittsburgh Photographer, J.P. Diroll about

My stalking him to be on this episode

How his photography started with a girl.. well.. kind of

His HDR style of photograhpy

He takes my head shot…

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For the production!

Pirates Lose The 2013 Opener


The Pittsburgh Pirates lost the home opener yesterday.  Not sure we planned on that but, what you CAN plan on is….when the Pirates DO lose the opener, there will be someone at work at the bus stop or on email that says,

Hey.. did ya hear they won’t be selling beer at Forbes Field Three Rivers Stadium PNC Park this year?

You, caught off guard say, “No really?”

Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn “That Guy” responds with, “Yeah… they lost the OPENER!!!!!!!”

FYI, the proper response to “That Guy” is NOT hitting or throwing anything at him.  Your proper response should be to email “That Guy” a link to this post and make sure that he reads this part…

That joke is as old as the camera the fake black-and-white photo above was taken with OR as old as the Pirates losing streak.  And by the way, they have beer taps and cans at PNC Park aaaaaaaaaaaaand, even more, NOBODY uses an opener any more so take off your 1970′s pants and your Bubby Brister team jersey and go get some work done on your Commodore 64 computer, YA JAGOFF!!!


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