Swaggerin’ in a Mitsubishi ?

Mitsubishi vehicle photo impersonated cuz it’s Jaggoffery to drive and take photos on your phone.

Here’s a Jagoff email I received:

“This morning, on my way in to work, I approach a four-way stop sign near my house. I stop, as does the person to my left. Along comes “Mr. Jagoff” in his sporty little black Mitsubishi. He does not stop like the rest of us commoners- instead he rolls through the intersection, chatting on his cell phone and pretending we are invisible!  Mr Jagoff doesn’t believe that stop signs apply to him. He thinks his life is so much more important than the rest of ours. Thanks for putting me in a crappy mood first thing this morning, YA JAGOFF!”

Now THIS was the purpose of our website. Get it out…don’t harbor feelings, VENT!  Catch the Jagoffs!

Here’s what I say to the guy in the Less-than-$30,000-almost-a-sports-car-but-not-really Mitsubishi:

1)     If you’re gonna have a “greater than thou”  attitude, drive around in something that warrants and attitude AND I DON’T MEAN A CONVERTIBLE FIERO!!!

2)     Having an attitude in a Mitsubishi is like trying to swagger around the South Side’s Club Diesel in Wal-Mart jeans

3)     Your attitude in a Mitsubishi is as “yesterday” as taking a picture of yourself and your lady friend (you with your shirt buttoned down to your belly-button and your chest-hair toupee showing) then saying, “Hey, I can’t wait to THIS ROLL OF FILM DEVELOPED!

4)     It’s like trying to be cool by pronouncing Primanti’s as “Pri-MONTY’s!”

Soooo, Mr. Mitsubishi, before you go trying to be a “Big-swingin-meat-I-wear-Ralph-Lauren-fragrance-I’m-hipper-than-you-Yakin-on-the-cell-phone-Leaning-on-the-center-console-With-my-wrist-draped-over-the-steering-wheel-Don’t-need-to-obey-the-road-rules-OR-common-sense-OR-common-courtesy” Dude, get a RESPECTABLE swaggerin’ car, YA JAGOFF!

Thanks to RhondaG of N. Huntingdon for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

A Complete Disregard of the ______ Loss Yesterday



Well… as my grandmother would say, “Isn’t THIS a revoltin’ development!

Not only are many of us coming off a 4-day weekend where we ate, ate some more and then ate again and then, some, got in a car or an airplane and sat, ate, sat and ate some more while traveling home. But, all of that was ok, because we promised to work it off and eat less cookies, nachos and Mancini Bread and drink less beer at the upcoming Christmas parties. (BTW, we won’t do that but it sounded good as we were downing your 3 bottle of Tums Smoothies.)

And speaking of Tums Smoothies, hopefully ya had a few left for the Sunday afternoon craziness when the (Too Sad to Say the Name) lost to the New Orleans Saints (like, I mean, got crushed at home kind of loss).  Because during that game, i.e. watching Ike Taylor trying to recover his dignity, watching Brett Keisel pretty much go out without a bang and seeing how average our Pittsburgh (Too Sad to Say the Name) felt like I had downed 4 gallons of the spiciest New Orleans jambalaya.

So, to take your mind off of what happened yesterday, I decided to post this “Peter Parker” pic from a busy, Christmas Shopping mall parking lot in North Carolina.  Don’t know what a “Peter Parker” is, go here.  This one is crazy good because it was clearly no mistake.  It’s a complete disregard of everyone else on earth.

Once again, if this person was paying the $50/space game-day parking fees on the North Side, I guaran-damn-tee this driver gets that van into a spot the size of a skateboard.

He Leisure-van-Larry, here’s hoping that, when you got back to your van, after fighting the crowd, you figured out that you had forgotten that you had to pee so bad that your eyes were floating and, you couldn’t find your keys to empty your hands of all of your bags/boxes, and you had to start dancing because you were about to wet your pants, and, because you had your hands full, you couldn’t pinch your winkie, like you did when you were in 3rd grade, to keep from peeing your pants and….well, ya pee’d your pants for the driver home, Ya Jagoff.

Thanks to @Grock28083 on Twitter, from North Carolina, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

Our Bud Needs Some Help


What is up with this guy?

This is Will Reynolds Young.  Organizer of many things good. Smart guy about internet stuff.  (He helps me tons and never threatens to punch me despite my dumb questions.)  You can find out more about him here.

But wait!!  Don’t click there yet.  Click the link below that follows the words “Click this link…”   But read a little more first.

Lindsay of IHeartPGH.com has organized a fundraiser for the Community Human Services Corp. in Pittsburgh.  She is looking to raise $5,000.

What does CHS do?

CHS has several program areas that serve Pittsbughers…

Details comps of Lindsay at IHeartPgh.com

Soooooo our buddy Will, as usual, got involved and is now trying get people on his team. You can be on his team by simply donating a small amount.  If will raises the most money, we will take him for a Bubbas Burger and, two people who donate to his team, will win a chance to eat lunch with him.

OK. Are ya in?  Click this link to donate… whatever you can spare.  Oh, and you can see Will’s REAL picture there too.

Go ahead.. be curious and be generous.  Small increments will make a difference.