Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Open Throttle 360 Co-Host, Tom Lang

We are yakkin with Tom Lang, co-host of the Root Sports “Open Throttle 360″ Western Pa car racing show produced by 321Blink.

The bad news… I know ZERO about cars but…well..you’ll see!

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More Toilet Paper Jagoffery


This is not my first post about toilet paper jagoffery.  There have been other posts.

But this one shows that we’re making progress in our home.  A previous post showed an empty cardboard tube on the spindle.  Today, there is evidence that someone had made a grand attempt to replace the toilet paper.

But, clearly, something more important and emergent occurred during the TP-changing process…a neighbor’s fire alarm went off and the pooper ran off to use a fire extinguisher to save the family or a baby was stuck in a well and the pooper jumped from the second-floor bathroom window to save the child or…

Well, never mind.  I’m doing my best but, as I write this, I see the bag of recyclables over flowing to the point stuff’s going to start tumbling out but, someone will find a way to stuff one more plastic bottle in that thing rather than take it outside to the official recycling bin. I’m a failure as a parent!

Someone chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange the #$#@ing tooooooooooooooooooooooooilettttttttttttttttttttttt paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaper PA-LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE Ya Jagoffs!

Mad That the Pens Lost to Philly on Easter


yj-EasterHam2So, if you’re Catholic, you went to mass in the morning and talked about Jesus Christ.  And then, ya went home, maybe checked over some Easter baskets, ate a few hard-boiled eggs and then maybe settled in with family for a day of family picture-taking and Penguins hockey on NBC at a prime afternoon time…… and THEN  talked about “Jeezus H Christ” as the Pens proceeded to lose for the 8th time this seasons to the Flyers.

I posted this on Twitter before the game:

Remember those days when you were all excited that the were playing the and you trashed talked all day on twitter?

Well.. by now you know what the results of the game are and, if you ate too many hard boiled eggs yesterday as a stress-eater during the game, those things are probably giving you gas at work today so you’re strategizing on how to take more breaks than a chain smoker preparing to go cold turkey.

Hopefully you’re not at Best Buy getting a new TV or home picking glass shards out of your ham leftovers.

Me, I was up at 4:30am this morning to hit the road and, quite frankly, I haven’t pulled myself together from the Pens situation yet.

So let’s just do this.

I Hope to see some of you at the Arcade Comedy Theater, Downtown Pittsburgh, this Saturday night (April 11th) at 10pm.

Yeah, some of you, like me, are gonna need a nap that afternoon but, we are going to have some fun.  I’ll be reading some of the stories from my “Above the Fries” book and then some people, who are actually FUNNY, are going to do improv based on those topics. It’s only $10 to get in and it’s BYOB.  Go here to get tickets –> (Choose the Late Owl Hootenanny)



Leave some thoughts about the Pens or the book!  Comments before 11:59pm Eastern Time will be eligible to win 2 free tickets to Saturday’s Hootenanny.