A 4-ton Limit Oooopsies!


If ya read the story about this fracking water tanker on this bridge in the Observer-Reporter, you get the story from the driver that he didn’t see any of the 3 or 4 “4 Ton Limit” signs as he approached the bridge.

Me, on the other hand, takes one look at that bridge and says, if I was on a bicycle I probably would think I was too heavy to cross that bridge.  Especially if I had eaten just before crossing or hadn’t pee’d for the last hour.

But good ol’ boy, Jason Wayne Strawderman, took a look at the bridge as he was sitting on top of a truck of water with a 4,200 gallon max laod, says, “Well, we gotta get across SOMEHOW!”  And he ends up creating a scene from what looks like a new Indiana Jones Runs From Pittsburgh to Morgantown movie.

Well, J Dubya… good luck at your next job.  Let’s just hope it’s not guessing weights at Kennywood Park, Ya Jagoff!!

Saturday Rant – John Knight

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Pittsburgh Comedian, John Knight
Showcasing some of Pittsburgh’s comedy talent.

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