PNC Park Streaker Says He Did it for His “Wild God!”


This guy interrupted the pierogi race.  He agrees it was a bad thing but now he says he has a wild god, he wants to sell a song he wrote, he wants to play hoops with Cutch… and…. he wants to auction off the shoes he wore for the incident to raise money for his fine!  Oh.. and he wants to start a professional basketball team in Pittburgh!!

 You have to watch the WPXI video below.  Click THIS LINK for the full story.


Good stuff Luke Emory Oyler!  Love the glasses.  By the way, do they actually have lenses in them???  Either way, keep pushing the edge of the envelope with that I’m a crazy son-of-a-@#! story… it kind of worked for Corporal Klinger on the show MASH.  And good luck with that basketball game with Cutch.  God knows (well at least my more reserved God does) Cutch needs more solid people like you in his life.  And what better way to show you have your life pulled together than this video, Ya Jagoff!!


Thanks so much to WPXI’s LisaS Sylvester for getting this on video.

It Only Takes One Bus to Screw Up Traffic.. BUT WAIT!!!

+YJ-UPSSo I’ve harped on buses pretty hard on this blog about screwing up traffic.  I always say, “It only takes one bus to screw up traffic.”

((insert sounds of screeching brakes or a needle sliding across a record depending on your age and preference))

In this pic from Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh, the bus is not at fault for once.  What is Mr. Brown doing?  It was a nice day, does the driver have his UPS shorts and black socks on and all of the women are woo-ing at his winter legs so he’s mesmerized by the attention?  Is he making a special delivery to the bus?  Wait….is this one of those fake UPS vans with CSI computers and listening thingies all stuff inside?

Maybe the UPS gain need to change their new slogan?


Hey Mr. Brown….. perpendicular parking is not permitted in the middle of Downtown Pittsburgh so stop gettin’ all up in dat bus’ grill, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to @ncrivaro for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.


Let Your Fingers Do The LITTERING


This is a picture of the “Yellow Pages” or “Super Pages” or Yellow Book” or “Super Yellow Duper Book” or whatever they call that thing people used to use to find phone numbers of companies they want to contact.  I’m actually not sure who the Jagoffs here are…. the people convincing companies that SOMEONE really reads thru this thing looking for their phone number in some highlighted two-color ad OR the companies who PURCHASE ads believing that SOMEONE actually really does read thru this thing looking for their company’s phone number.

Either way, these books are all over the ground in the neighborhood and, unless they make good mulch (they don’t), these books are about as useless as these other items:

1) Car Burglar Alarms – Nobody even looks when these go off anymore, they take pictures of the car and turn them into us as Jagoff posts.

2) House Phones – The only reason it’s still on the wall is because we have nothing else to plug into that goofy-shaped outlet.

3) My Popeil Pocket Fisherman – If any of you remember it, you know why it’s useless

4) My Battle Ship Game cuz I’ve lost most of the red pegs anyway and the aircraft carrier lost some pegs so it spins and people can cheat

5) An actual SCRABBLE game – everyone has the APP version.

6) That green fuzzy thing in the back, bottom of your refrigerator that you can’t identify – unless it’s a St. Patrick’s Day ZAGNUT bar!

7) A Trivial Pursuit game (unless you make a NO-SMART-PHONE rule)

Hey Super Pages… wondering if mine was actually the “white pages” but, because it sat so long before I stooped over to pic it up, the neighborhood dogs did a few leg-lift-performances on them and NOW they are “Yellow Pages!”  Have you not heard of things called “websites” and “google and yahoo” searches and, now in 2014 these things called “Face” books?????

I say, God bless ya for being able to “A.J. Richardson I don’t know where the calls for 911 are coming from” (my term for BS’ing) companies into purchasing ads and making a buck somehow.   But in my case, I’m REALLY glad the thing comes prepackaged in its own garbage bags, Ya Jagoffs!