Yakkin’ YaJagoff – Scott Blasey of The Clarks

Welcome to the Wednesday Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff Episode

We’re yakkin’ with Scott Blasey of The Clarks

What’s his biggest music influence?

Did they get into music just to get “chics?”

What about shows like The Voice

No more I.C. Light Pumpers for these guys.. it’s now wine!

Lunchables – The Pittsburgh Version



In Pittsburgh, every child should learn the basics of EATING in Pittsburghese.  We’ve made it easy.

Yes, the crackers should really be some form of italian (EYE-talian) bread but it would be hard to keep that fresh.  So we would slowly have to ease the children into fresh bread.  Besides, giving them fresh bread vs. a piece you pull out of the bread bag and pick off the small speck of mold after looking over both shoulders as you make their school lunch, would simply just spoil them too early.

As you can also see, the portions are controlled.  There is no way to over eat, i.e, order double capicola.  The only items seeming to be missing in this balanced meal is a mini Prantl’s Almond Tort cake!

Next up, teaching kids how to make the traditional Strawberry, cream cheese and pretzel salad!!  It MUST be healthy, it has strawberries in it!

But no juice boxes of Iron City Light!


Thanks to Anna Mac for her genius-ity on the Photoshop work.  

Make sure you click on the MaryMac Bakehouse pic for all natural baked goods.





It’s MLK Day- Get Free Shipping! (Huh?)

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther, Jr – a man strong in mind, heart and soul.   And how do some retailers do it?  FREE SHIPPING SITE WIDE!!!  The good Dr. King.. how could he NOT be proud!

What will you do today?  Will you sleep in?  Will you head to the local mall or electronics store for a sale?  Will you head to Seven Springs for a long weekend of skiing (just like Dr. King would have) and imbibing at the Foggy Goggle or will you head to some place like the library to learn more, or teach your kids more, about WHY we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today?

Sure, you’ll be TEMPTED to relax today and catchup on DVR’d programs and DIY home projects.   If it’s above 40 degrees, a lot of you will spend 90-minutes in a car wash line to get the road salt residue off.

At least take a few minutes to talk about Dr. King and remember, this is NOT just a day to go get a discount on a new car, cheap linens at Sears, half off  a new washer/dryer, sleep in, do work on the house or get drunk.  (You’ve heard us say this before about Memorial Day.)

And for those of you NOT doing anything to reinforce WHY most of us have the day off today, for CRISSAKES, let’s at least say the whole name.  It’s not MLK Day, it’s Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  Yes!  It’s even more important than your daily Consol – (con-SAWL or CON-soool) argument.

If you’re spending your day off at the mall, tallying up discounts and making fun of someone different than you, you’re missing the whole reason behind why you have today off, Ya Jagoffs!

sears martin luther king jr sale

(This is the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed April 4, 1968.  The small square of concrete still contains the blood stains.)