Flight 93 Memorial


Out of many things that I cherish, this hat is high on my list along with my Site ID badge from Shanksville.

United Airlines staff gave these to those providing medical support at the Shanksville site during the days after the crash.

The ribbons pinned to the hat were made by various volunteers/students in support of those working at the site.

I will never forget the hardworking people that worked for weeks crawling through the woods and debris to recover evidence and personal effects or the first time that the tour buses brought in the families.

Never Forget

Back at catching Jags tomorrow!

Here’s the info if you want to visit the Shanksville Memorial.




Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Steve Byrne (Sullivan and Son)



We are back stage of the Rex Theater yakkin’ with comedian Steve Byrne.

His start in comedy.

Bar games on the Sullivan & Son.

What is ALWAYS on the agenda on his trips back to Pittsburgh?

But the key part is, has he been gone from Pittsburgh too long to remember the Mr. Rogers theme song?


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For the production!

So, That NFL Commissioner Guy….


With all of the stupid penalties Roger Go-ta-hell has put on NFL players and to have this kind of “we  didn’t see the video thing” going on is crazee.

Rogee-babeeeee, Self-appointed-King-of-Kings-Who-can-now-afford-to-shower-himself-in-gold-frankincense-and-myrrh-And-probably-has-even-more-wealth-than-all-Christian-churches-due-to-the-random-fines-placed-on-Steelers-let-alone-other-NFL-teams, if we showed you a picture of the manger scene, you would probably flash some photos of your OWN baby pictures of you, as an infant, wrapped in swaddling clothes with people surrounding you who had been co-erced to pay a $10 cover charge and a 2-drink minimum to show up and catch a glimpse of YOU— the future Messiah of the NFL.  Surely you were THAT full of yourself even as an infant because your level of egotism and self importance HAS to be innate vs. a learned trait.

But now, you’ve shown your level of ignorance.  And for John Harbaugh… well… fits right in.

Purposely not ending this with the normal silly tag line.