Upgrades to Downtown Pittsburgh/North Side Apartments


Somehow I got invited to an actual press conference.  I mean, there was free food, drinks, Mayor Peduto, the Pittsburgh Business Times, Post-Gazette and TV cameras.  I pinched myself and then proceeded to eat as many of the little finger sandwiches and snacks that I could shove in.

At some point, I made a little video with Elle Walters, Marketing Director of Faros Properties 

Check it aht!  We tried to get her to commit to Guys and Yia-Yia’s for all renters.

Faros bought Washington Plaza (2012) and the Allegheny Center apartments earlier this year.  Now they’re making in late big upgrades to both properties and re-naming them.  No feedback yet on YaJagoff getting some kind of naming rights!

Some studio apartments on the North Side facility are expected to rent for $625 per month.  Who’s in???

Why are they doing this?

“People are migrating here because it’s such a great standard of living.  We feel the demographics are getting younger.”

Pgh Business Times

Yeah buddy!!!

Here are the new websites for the two properties!  www.CityViewApts.com and www.ParkViewApts.com

Thanks to the gang at Markowitz Communications for the invite.

I might get invited to another one because, for the first time at a public event, I didn’t drop any food on the floor.

Jagoff Not an Acceptable Word???????


Photo Credit: Salena Zito, Tribune Review

Photo Credit: Salena Zito, Tribune Review

As a Pittsburgher, do you find the above message unacceptable?

It’s outrageous and, as Pittsburghers, we need to change this.  It’s time to rise up and take control!

Stay tuned.

We will have a big announcement the second week of September!  We are going to need all yinzers to rise up and take a stand!

In the meantime, what is YOUR definition of a Jagoff???  (Comment Below)


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What Would Chuck Noll Say?


Sooooo.. in case you didn’t hear, Pittsburgh Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount will likely face charges of marijuana possession following a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon in Ross Township.  (Full Story at KDKA)

You guys are all over the news. We’re not even through pre-season yet and you guys are acting like this?

Can you act like you’ve been there before?  Either that or go to Baltimore or Dallas, Ya Jagoffs!