Cool Jagoff Facebook Page Story

This is a special blog post about how AWESOME Pittsburghers are!!!!!!!!

The other day, we ran a make-a-comment contest on the Facebook page.  Winner was to get 4 tickets to tonight’s Pittsburgh Power Arena Football game.  The comments started and then, as you see above, Tony wrote a note about why he would like the tickets.  And THIS was when Pittsburghers showed their REAL colors!!!

As you can see, a bunch of people wanted the tickets but.. as soon as they saw Tony’s personal post, everyone said, “Give Tony the tickets!” etc, etc.

Well, Tony got the tickets for the Power game and we wish him and his daughter a wonderful time!!!

I just had to step out from the normal Jagoffery posts today and tell you this story… Pittsburghers are the bestest!!!!

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Guest Blog – Public Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders


This one’s ESPECIALLY for the ladies.

Is there no standard for public restroom toilet paper dispenser placement?

You’d think there would be a ‘code height’, there’s a code for everything else for crying out loud. Some ladies’ room dispensers are so low you have to hang upside down to try and grasp the end of the TP roll, which is paper thin so therefore nearly non existent!

Some are so high you can’t reach them in the ‘seated‘ position! Could we get some uniformity for crying out loud?

And handicapped restrooms can be the worst! If you have to use one or help someone in there, be prepared to assume a position similar to a Russian gymnast in order to reach the tissue!

So, from now on restroom construction finishers, sit on the dang seat, turn to the left or right, whichever side you decide to put it on since there are no rules, and place the dispenser just above where you hand would reach if your arm were level, that is unless you’re shorter than 4 feet tall or taller that 7 feet tall, then get a 5′ 6″ volunteer, ya jagoff!


Thanks to Mary Mac from the

for being an AWESOME follower and for being our guest blogger today!!!

Comment below if you have had similar TP experiences.


Shopping Cart Jagoffs

This picture is a drag. Someone took the time to walk their cart to within 5.9 inches of the cart rack. Then, somehow, they lost their motivation to push the cart around the railing and put it where it is supposed to be!!

The pic ALSO reminds us to ponder the same old question… are you a PUSHER or a WALKER…meaning.. someone who walks their cart to within 4 feet of the cart rack and then shoves it like a madman OR someone who walks the thing the extra four feet and simply places the cart in it’s proper place.

Clearly, they kind of missed the idea of the cart rack OR the cart rack has a crazeeeee strong magnetic force that holds the carts all together in a cart herd!

Hey.. what kind of time would it take out of your self-absorbent busy day to move the cart where it’s supposed to be? And one other question, are you the same people that, when you were younger, you walked your milk glass or cereal bowl over to the dishwasher, but, instead of placing it IN the dishwasher, you placed the item on the counter, 5.46″ away from the dishwasher opening, Ya Jagoff???


Special thanks to @SyntaxxErrorr on Twiter for the pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!

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