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Right… the title kinda rubs it in.  But then again, isn’t it worth it to have a place to let go of your “Pissed-offy-ness?

All that WE know is that, just like the Steelers, as the Penguins playoff game wins go, so the day-after work days go! Which means it’s probably pretty miserable at work today. So, if you are miserable just memorize the following quote OR post it near your work area OR on your forehead if you don’t have a work area:

No, I’m not making those photocopies. No, I don’t have your STUPID report done! It was asinine anyway. I have no interest in hearing how your kid did at last night’s softball game. I am cancelling all meetings EXCEPT for the one’s where I get to shew someone’s ARSE out for not good reason. No, you cannot borrow my stapler, a paperclip or a pen. And by the way, make your own coffee, I’m not your mother? Just let me alone until it’s time to get the hell outta here for the weekend. And, be prepared if you leave before I do, if you’re driving in front of me going home, you’d better remember that the gas pedal is the one on the right because, otherwise, I am pretty much going to run up over YOUR vehicle cuz EVERYONE in my path, in MY eyes, will look like the Bruins’ Brad Marchand with a KICK ME sticker on his back.  And YES, I’m P@#$ off about the Penguins game last night  and how bleak this looks for us getting into the final round, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Instagramer @mayoraddyb for his “frustrated selfie” from the game last night…our title pic!!  He’s now and Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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Politician: Wasn’t Me! No, It Wasn’t ME!! OK, it was ME and I’m Sorry

You know those quick-edit video clips jammed with a bunch of sound bites from celebrities and politicians talking about the trouble they are in?  The sound of the clip goes like this, “I will be vindicated, “I have no question, that once all of the facts come out, I will be vindicated.” “These charges are ridiculous, this is more of a personal attack on me!” And so on… you get the point.  No matter how guilty these people are, they somehow muster up the ability to shamelessly say, with a straighter face than a Sunday morning TV millionaire evangelist, that they WILL be vindicated.

This is one of those stories and I’ll try to simplify it but it is complicated.

  • We all know the Marcellus Shale can be a controversial topic.. and this proves it.
  • A grandmother in Washington County was posting pro-drilling stuff on some websites.
  • A few anti-drilling people, started posting hateful/nasty things about grandma and others on the same websites.
  • These hateful things were using similar language patterns as posts previously made by Pa State Rep, Jesse White of Cecil.
  • KDKA News Investigator, Andy Sheehan, gets on the case but, quite frankly, Moe, Larry and Curly could have figured this one out.
  • The Internet addresses for the various anti-drilling posts, authored by various fake individuals, all pointed back to Rep. White’s computer.  But he denied it was him.
  • It took KDKA’s Andy about .0034 seconds to go to a computer, search the owner of an anti-drilling website called GasRootsPA.com, and see that Rep. White’s name owned the domain.  Rep. White said he knew nothing about it.
  • Within a few hours, the ownership of the Gas Roots site was changed from Rep. White’s name to yet ANOTHER fake name.

WHEEEEEEW!!  Getting exhausted writing all the details, you can go see the full KDKA story, including Rep. White on video, HERE!

Spoiler alert!  This ends with Rep. Jesse White of Cecil, issuing a statement, shortly after, that he made the posts!!!

Haaaa..haaaaa..haaaaaaa… SNORT…haaaaaa… pee-trickle……haaaaaa!

Who woulda THUNK IT?????  I live for this kind of stuff

The saddest part of this whole thing is that this guy is representing people at the State level and he left a trail of evidence that even Helen Keller could have found!!!  It’s like a kid:

Mom: Did you poop in your pants?

Kid: No!

Mom: Are you sure?

Kid: Yep!

Mom: What smells like poop in the back of your pants?

Kid: I dunno!

Representative White version….

Sheehan:  Is this you writing this?

White: No!

Sheehan: Are you sure?

White: Yep!

Sheehan: What smells like poop then?

White: I dunno!

Sheehan:  You’re a liar!

White: I know what you are, but what am I? Naah..naah!

By the way, I looked up the phrase, ” I know what you are, but what am I?” on the Urban Dictionary.  It definition is a PERFECT description of what Andy Sheehan did to Jesse White:

A complete fail of a comeback… basically… you would use it when you get verbally bitch slapped your face is all red… and you cannot come up with a comeback.

Hey WITTY-White, nobody said ya had to be a MENSA member to be in the House of Representatives but, when we send someone to Harrisburg to rep us, we SURELY hope that you’re smarter than the plastic name tag on your office door.  Please do us a favor, if you happen to resign from the State seat, which you should do, please don’t bring in a note that says something like, “Jesse is not able to make it to work today.  He is sick.  Signed, Jesse’s Mum” Ya Jagoff!


NOTE: Hey grandma Janice, we never encourage any nastiness so, if you want to get back at WITTY-White, start using the photo below as your profile pic for all of your posts!


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