Motorcycle Jagoff


Ok, before ya call me an anti-motorcycle Jagoff, here are a few things:

1) I don’t do motorcycles (too many days in EMS scraping riders up off the pavement) but I am not like an ex-smoker that berates ya if you have one

2) I do believe in helmets, (too many days in EMS scraping riders up off the pavement) but its your choice not mine

3) I do believe that there are a lot of Jagoff riders out there but there are just as many car driving jagoffs that don’t know how to function when they see a motorcycle in traffic

Now, if you’re in a car on your cell phone, and you start talking with your hands or reach over to put your turn signal on, you can steer with your knees! Not sure WHAT ya do on a motorcycle in this instance.  All that I know is, this guy’s about as UNPROTECTED as Charlie Sheen in a roomful of hookers with oozing sores.

So Mr. Motorcycle guy, before ya get yourself into one of those “Slide-your-motorcycle-under-another-the-front-of-a-car-Get-full-body-length-road-rash-and-Come-close-to-separating-your-head-from-the-rest-of-your-body-Scaring-the-@$$@#-out-of-other-drivers” accidents, HANG UP THAT PHONE!  Winning Lady Gaga tickets from the radio station isn’t THAT important,  YA JAGOFF!!!!

It’s a PeterParkers Thursday


This strikes a nerve!  Here is the message that come with the pic submission:

At Forbes and Murray, this car was parked UNDERNEATH the no parking/no stopping sign, at a bus stop… With no hazard light on and a elderly passenger inside who gave US a dirty look for honking before we realized no on was in the driver seat.

Yesssssss… why NOT park there?  There’s plenty of room to drive around cars like you in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill area—if you’re a subcompact version of a subcompact half of Smart Car (which by the way is the size of one of those grocery store baskets!)

Without the explanation, you look at the picture and probably ask yourself, “Is this person parked… and too far away from the curb or is this person just sitting in traffic?”  But armed with the fact that there is no driver, ya pretty much know this is total JAGOFFERY.

Is this a Squirrel Hill version of the “Red Box I’m Only Gonna Be a Second But Then Really Took 10 Minutes to Pick Out a New Movie” parking jobs that suburbanites do at the front door of Giant Eagles at shopping center grocery stores that have Red Box?

If you’re gonna sit and block traffic in the Squirrel Hill area, how about doing it at the outbound tunnel entrance where everyone ELSE is blocking traffic by stopping for no good reason, Ya Jagoff!

Special Thanks to Julie A for submitting the pic and being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Legendary Concert Promoter, Rich Engler


We are yakkin with legendary Pittsburgh concert promoter Rich Engler.

 Ohhhh does he give us good scoop on Gene Simmons, Springsteen and those crazy 15 M&M concert riders!

Plus, he has a book about this stuff, “Behind the Stage Door.”

You KNOW you have some old concert tickets with his name on them.

Go purchase Rich’s Book by clicking on the cover below.

Behind The Stage Door is a ride through the years and a compilation of 80 tracks (chapters) and over 300 photos, posters, and admats from Rich Engler’s personal collection.  



For the production!

(They are both AWWWWWWWESOME!)