Hays Eagle vs. Jagoff Raccoon


In case you didn’t know it, the Hays section of Pittsburgh has some bald eagles.  They are now visible on the kdka.com/eagle-cam 24-hours per day.  So it’s kind of like an aviary version of Jersey Shore.

Well, the other night, the Eagles-in-Hays version of the  “Pauly D tries to steal some panties from Snookie’s undie drawer” happened.  A local raccoon (at least we think he was local but that’s not confirmed) tried to steal the recently laid bald-eagle eggs from the nest.  And the reaction was pretty close to a Snookie-on-crack-what-are-you-doing-in-my-room kind of thing from mama eagle.

Here’s part of the story from KDKA-TV”

But at 11:15 p.m. Wednesday, she was asleep on the eggs while protecting them from the cold when — as a night-vision camera shows — her peaceful duty was jarringly interrupted.
Awakened, she turns her head realizing something’s approaching — just before this — a predatory raccoon lunges into the nest and sets upon the three eggs trying to ferret one away.
For a moment the mother eagle jumps back, but then begins flailing her seven-foot wing spread before thrusting out her sharp talons, and in seconds she scares the raccoon away.
Though she can’t be heard, she continues making a loud clamor during his retreat.

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Here’s the video:

It’s an awesome thing to watch nature but like this but, it’s even MORE awesome when it’s a Pittsburgh eagle and she’s gettin’ all “You best get away from my eggs…if you want eggs, take your big ol’ ass down to the Eat’n Park Buffet.  Cause if you take one thing from this nest, I’m gonna make this like I’m a 6-hour-tailgating-Steelers-fan on a Sunday night game, and you’re a Ravens fan that walked by me and said, Franco Harris ain’t no Terrell Suggs, Ya Jagoff!

The Ultimate Bus Jagoff (Hawaii)



Oh.. the word is spreading about catching Jagoffs!!

Yesterday, the blog had a mention in the Pop City Media on-line publication.  In the meantime, thanks to some traveling and Jagoff Disciple-ing (yeah I made that word up), we have Jagoff Catchers all over the place.

The pic above came from Hawaii.  I have taken the liberty to use the Jagoff-estrator to point out the various aspects as to why this Hawaiian public transit passenger thinks he is in his very own living room.

Here’s the message that was with this pic on Twitter and Instagram:

I hope this guy paid for all three seats.. #yajagoff #rude

AND he’s taking “business” calls and he’s right behind the driver

Guy, seriously, if you didn’t want someone sitting next to you you didn’t have to take up three seats… the mere fact that you took your shoes off to air out your Parmesan-cheese smelling socks, were talking on your cell phone, obviously cutting real estate deals with Donald Trump, while on the bus, you have an 82-pound beach-basket lunch pail and mid-day hair products bag bigger than Kim Kardashian’s, AND a work I.D. that looks like a hand grenade attached to your belt  with a rubber-coated steel cable, is MORE than enough reason to have NOBODY sit next to you on the bus.

If you get this comfortable on a city bus, I’d had to see ya on a plane ride… I guarantee there would be undies and toe-nail clippings on the floor by within 60-minutes.

If you’re going to continue to ride the bus like this, at least bring your 3 cubicle walls with you so we don’t have to be witnesses, Ya Jagoff!

Maholo to our Hawaiian Honorary Jagoff Catcher @libbunnie (Instagram and Twitter)

Wanna know the Hawaiian word for Jagoff? Click HERE

Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Arcade Comedy Theater


Welcome to another “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

There’s a new episode here every Wednesday.

We are yakkin’ with Kristy and Jethro Nolen, part owners of the awesome Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh.  They create improv, they teach improv and they tell stories about their improv nightmares and they teach you how to rob banks.  Seriously, they’re hilarious.  You have to go see them.

Watch the video below.

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