Yakkin With Ya Jagoff – Lou (The Oyster House)


Another “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” episode!

We are yakkin’ with Lou Grippo, owner of the famous Pittsburgh Oyster House.

At 142 years old, The Original Oyster House is Pittsburgh’s oldest bar and restaurant.

Did you know that when he was a kid, he threatened to fire the owner?

Did you know they didn’t even serve salt and pepper in the past?

What are his fav celebrity stories?

A special invite from Lou’s nephew Rick.

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Home Run Derby Jagoff



Last night we had our high hopes for the Home Run Derby…

First, we wanted Pedro to show everyone he shoulda been there.  Second, we wanted Chris Berman to get laryngitis.   Neither hope worked out very well and I even made a wish by tossing money into the refurbished fountain at Point State Park!   Had I known that the costs of wishes have inflated faster than the Tooth Fairy’s standard rate, I would have been sure to toss enough coins in that thing so that it reflected the sunlight at airplanes.

Unfortunately Pedro hit like he was facing left-handers all night. And Chris Berman didn’t shut up ALL NIGHT!

If you don’t know Chris Berman… thank your lucky starts.  If you had to endure his phony excitement  on every Home Run last night, screaming like it was the  five-year-old’s FIRST home run in the bottom of the 9th, with 2 outs in the seventh game of the T-ball world series…. the hit that got the entire team Fifty-Cents more than the OTHER team at the refreshment stand… then we are sooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

Every almost-home-run AND home run… the same yelling and excitement… “back, back, back….” clucking like a chicken stuff.

Hey Chris…just in case you didn’t know…. this was a Home RundDerby… which means they’re ALL s’posed to be home runs, no big surprise….so SHUT THEEEEEEE HELL UP, Ya Jagoff!!


NOTE: Not sure about you but I was ready to ask for Cris Collinsworth to come in and do the announcing.  (O.K. maybe not THAT desperate!)



Ohio Drivers In The Fast Lane Jagoffs



What Pennsylvania driver DOESN’T know this drill?

Whether your on the Ohio Turnpike, or making the Western PA/Eastern OH annual pilgrimage to either Ocean City, Myrtle Beach or the Outer Banks, you often see it.  Drivers, representing the Buckeye State, in the passing lane, cruising along at a speed limit of MOSEY, chatting, singing, pointing out landmarks and having absolutely NO CLUE why you are passing them on the right and yelling nasty things or giving them a hand signal… (and I don’t mean playing airplane with your flattened hand in the oncoming wind!)

Click the video panel to see the 6 second VINE video of this driver being passed!

(If you don’t see the video panel, click HERE to watch)

We know that catching an Ohio driver, going as fast as a 3rd grader on a Big Wheel up a hill, is much easier to notice than a Sasquatch.  But, maybe this will be an education module that can be passed to all of them to change their habits.  If they realize that we’re making fun of them they will get out of the way.

So let’s just make this simple…(just in case the Ohio-ans are still living on My Space and can’t watch the video, LIFE IN THE FAST LANE mean’s EXACTLY that.. FAST.. so go fast Buckeye Motorist Bozos, or move the hell OVER, Ya Jagoffs!!


Special thanks to Alex Duffy for TWO reasons.  

1) for sending us this Vine  of a Jagoff

2) for posting the very first interview of ME on her new blog, Duffy Dossier, here.

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