Bucs Get A Winning Season!



When is the last time we can think about the Pirates being a distraction for the Steelers being inept?????  Well, its here!!!

The Texas Rangers get into the sports history books by losing to the Pirates and allowing them the first winning season in 20 years…. this note will go right next to the photo of the 2 saps that Mario is juking outta their jocks in the Lemeiux, Le Magnifique statue!!

After the win, I tweeted, to expect School Closings today due to the 82 wins.  Twitter follower Robb Pascoe tweeted back,

@YaJagoff they’ll be ticker tape parades riots strangers will be hugs& kissing penndot will not be doing construction it’ll b mass hysteria

As ya know, the word Jagoff can be used in many ways!!  And today, we say it with LOVE..

Nice win Bucs!  We love ya, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pirates Lost, Steelers Lost and I Missed Grandparents Day!!!


I watched the Steelers lose and get bad news that might mean they are going to continue to lose.  I watched the Pirates lose the 3rd of three games that, if they were going to lose any, these would be the 3 worst ones to lose.  But then it got worse!!!

I received a text from my buddy Dan with news even WORSE than the Steelers’ future…. I had missed Grandparents Day!!!  Oh God!  The pressure!!!

I can’t tell which one is worse… the pressure that the Pirates seems stuck.. the pressure that we are really gonna struggle through Steelers season OR, do I call my kids’ grandparents and tell them that I’m sorry I missed Grandparents Day or, like me, do they have NO CLUE that it was Grandprents Day and, therefore, calling them would make them aware and…. since they are already ticked off about the Pirates and Steelers losing, they give me the “Yeah…. thought we might see the kids today… even for a little bit.  We don’t get to see them too often anymore!

URGH… the pressure!!!

So what are YOU today..”Haley Haters”  “Hurdle Haters” and “Hallmark Haters” (for making up these phony Greeting Card holidays that guilt people into buying there stuff)?

The Steelers may have to take a page from the Pirates fans over the past few years….


And since I refuse to get on Haley or Hurdle…cuz they know more about what they’re doing than I know about what they’re doing, I’m getting out of this by blaming Hallmark.

Hey Hallmark, we call your “Grandparents Day” and raise you to a “City of Pittsburgh is Closed Because The Pirates and Steelers Lost In Horribly Sick and Sad Fashion Despite Me Wearing My Steelers/Pirates Game-Day Party Jersey To Church Day!”  And, since my kids’ grandparents don’t understand the concept of photo shop, I’m gonna show them the photo above and tell them that I missed seeing them on “Grandparents Day” because they closed the City.  Put a gold, circular sticker on THAT, Ya Jagoffs!!

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