Baggage Claim Jagoffery (Scranton)



This situation is even more accentuated when there’s a crowded baggage claim.  Like the picture below.


Why does everyone think that they deserve a front row seat to the baggage claim?

“Oh, let me stand right HERE so that when people see their bag, they have to squeeze around me to get it and then I’ll give them a dirty look while I talk on my phone and stand in your way like I’m a Philadelphia Flyer screening Marc Andre Fleury!

If everyone would just step back 3-4 feet aaaaannnnnd WAIT for their bag to come along we’d all be able to see our bag, walk up, grab it and go on along.  (Of course if this is USAirways in the Pittsburgh Airport, this is about 2.45121 hours after your plane lands.)

Here’s my assumption:  These people are the same people that, as soon as the seatbelt comes off at landing, they stand… despite that fact that they are in row 48 and have to wait for the front of the airplane to get off! So I’m forced to stare are your belly button, belly or arse while you huff and puff about standing still.



Thanks to Sue K (@BP1458 on Twitter) for being today’s Jagoff Catcher.




A Video of a Monroeville “Peter Parker” in Action


Yesiree!!!  You must watch this video of this person trying to UN-park!

Go ahead, watch it.  We’ll talk after.

You can see the entire story from Ashlie Hardway of WTAE here.

So the video begs the question… should someone record an action like this on their cell phone OR go outside and help direct this idiot to keep the Jagoffery from occurring?

Either way… it sure is fun video to watch (now that we know no pets or humans were injured during the process).

In the meantime, please go to an 18-wheeler truck driving school and learn how to drive that little Honda half-of-a-SUV, Ya Jagoff!!


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Banking Jagoffs!

YJ-bankteller So, I headed to the bank and actually had to go inside.  It was an odd place. The best part of my journey to inside the bank is, I went during lunch hour – when I had some time to run to the bank.  WOW…does everyone take lunch at the same time every day like this???  But wait, 12 people in line to do some business at the bank on their lunch hour, and, guess WHO ELSE is on their lunch hour??????? THE BANK TELLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the issue. Creating ATM machines to replace bank tellers was just as ingenious as creating EZ Pass for toll roads – ATMs and EZ Pass readers DON’T EAT LUNCH! Hey banks.. I understand the gazillion jokes about holding “banker’s hours.”  On the other hand, do you not have some kind of customer survey or film from those bank-robber cameras that tells you lots of people come in….. during lunch??? And maybe you should consider a NEW more practical fee.. yes, a new fee!  A, Let’s-Help-The-Tellers-Make-It-Through-Lunch-Fee. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it would be smart use that fee to feed the bank tellers some snacks between 10-10:30am each day.  Maybe like they do in kindergarten and maybe even give the tellers some “sleepy time.” Then, maybe they can actually be AT WORK when the customers need them, Ya Jagoffs!!!!