This Truck Driver TRYING To Turn Around



Not sure how many of you know that truck-driving song, “Give me 40-acres and I’ll turn this thing around…..” but this guy looks like he needs 89 acres!!  This is the message that came with the photo from the Bridgeville area:

@YaJagoff here’s a jag off for you- backing out of the Knight’s Inn in Bridgeville. Left huge ruts.

So this guy woke up from a restful sleep in the all too comfy Knight’s Inn which, I think, is just a step down from staying overnight in a dumpster, and tries to head out of town.   Does he look for a way to use his Rosedale Technical Institute, 400-level course on performing under pressure?  Nope!  He needs out in a hurry so just backs the thing over the curb, grass, trees, whatever… ruins the grass and heads on down the road…. no NAME … no BLAME!!!

But wait.. are we too quick to judge?  Is it possible that he was delivering trees?  Is it possible that, in this picture he was trying to camouflage his truck and forget it was SLIGHTLY longer than a Smart Carl?  Should he get a merit award for being able to back up and completely block oncoming traffic?

Nope.. not quick too judge.  Our Jagoff Catcher watched it all go down.. ..she OBVIOUSLY had nothing else to do until while the tractor and trailer were perpendicular to traffic!

Hey semi-guy, let’s give you the CB handle of “Sod Buster.”  And Sod Buster, we’ve always been told that there is always a truck driver that graduates last in their truck driving class…. but they all get the same driver’s license!  We’re guessing you are the one in YOUR class.

We suggest you park the truck and start looking at delivering used cars acrossthe country.. ESPECIALLY SMART CARS!

In the meantime, thanks for the new terrace farming site in Bridgeville Ya Jagoff!


Thanks @DLDietrich from Twitter for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!!


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Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – The Sax Man



Welcome to our weekly “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We are yakking with Reggie.. the guy that plays the saxophone outside the Pittsburgh sports events.

What’s his favorite song to play?

Does he know people thing he’s rude?

Watch him as he taunts people on the Clemente Bridge.

Click the photo above to watch if the video doesn’t appear below.

Reggie is not on social media so, next time you see him, TIP  HIM and tell him you saw him on the Ya Jagoff video.

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So Is This The “Peter Parker Authority” Now?



Haaaaaaaaa…. I like it when these are easy!!!

This photo even came in with it’s own Jagoff-estrator markings!!!

Here’s the message that came with the pic above:

If this were me, I’d be tagged and towed or BOOTED.. what a pair of jagoffs. This was on the Northside on Tripoli street today.. Both cars seemed to be there for a long time…

Haaaaa kind of like an 19-year old sitting elbow-to-elbow at a bar with an LCB rep!  Or, even MORE crazy, a body guard hanging out with a City Mayor and paying for his stuff with a secret debit card!  Oh wait…um… never mind that second one.

Quite honestly, I have no idea what the protocol is when an official Parking Authority vehicle, is caught by an official Peter Parking Authority vehicle.  I feel like this is a crazy double-agent, Bourne Identity thing going on here!

Hey Parking Authority, we realize that you don’t really have “authority” over parking around neighborhood Stop signs but you are indeed an “authority” on parking…meaning, you should know and abide by the rules the rest of us live by!  If not, how can you be considered a parking “authority?”

Connie, you did all of the heavy lifting for the  blog post today!!!!!   But I just can’t sit in my lawn chair on my front porch, with my jorts rolled up and my t-shirt sleeves rolled up to my shoulders working on my ”Pittsburgh Tan” and let you carry all the weight.  So here’s my 9 cents worth (it used to be my 2 cents worth but the price of gas has caused me to increase my fees).

 People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones
*  Let he who casts the first stone, not live in a glass house
*  Let he who drives a Parking Authority be a parking “authority”
* Let he who parks too close to ANY stop sign get a citation like the rest of us commoners would get, Ya Jagoffs!
Thanks to Connie Boyd-Concannon for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today’s post AND for her awesome Jagoffestrator skills.