Pens Lose To The……… ahhh FORGET IT! Let’s Pick on Mike Milbury!


Well….. whodda thunk?  The Penguins go up 2-0 in the early first period against Philly.  Somehow or another the game goes upside down and we are down 4-2.  Then, in between fights and penalties, the Pens draw within 1 goal with almost no time and then tie it with even LESS time.

Twitterverse was going NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then suddenly, with even less-less time, the Flyers take the lead again while Pens goalie RB is taking swimming lessons on the blue paint in front of the net.  With the Penguins standing around him, it looked like a postcard for the Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium exhibit!!!!!!!!!!!

But this isn’t a sports blog and we are not about to call out the beloved Penguins so early in this Jagoff-of-a-half season.  So we turned our pent up anger toward an easy target, almost as easy as Cris Collinsworth, unemployed hockey coach/administrator turned NBC NHL announcer, Mike “I wanna be outrageous like Canada’s Don Cherry” Milbury.

Milbury and his Thug Friends come on before and after the game and in between periods.  They say stupid stuff!  And their stupid stuff sounds like REALLY STUPID stuff when the Pens are losing and their REALLY STUPID stuff sounds like REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID when the Pens are losing to the Flyers after being ahead!

So let’s get at him while I’m still ticked…

It’s well known that Mike Milbury, as a hockey coach/administrator was a total failure.  His NHL reporting, is about the same but he continues to get paid and now seems to be carving himself a circus-personality like Hockey Night In Canada’s infamous Don Cherry.

Hey Mike DINGLEbury, keep up the good work.  With the kind of credibility you’re building, you might soon be promoted to selling balloon-busting-darts with a traveling carny group, “3 darts for a buck!”  In the meantime, since you seem to idolize Canada’s outlandish Don Cherry, we thought we should re-post our Draw Something  work to HELP your image.


Do us a favor, please SHUT UP.. just SHUT UP during Pens games, YA JAGOFF!!


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Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Gina Pravlochack

Welcome to our weekly “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We’re yakkin’ with expert Make-up artist, Gina Pravlochak

How do ya get a job like that?

How was her experience doing the make-up on President Obama for the G-20

Can she work her magic on the Fuzzy Face Magnetic Toy?

I try MY hand at make-up-ing at  Rockefellers Grille

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Honda Dead Presidents Slow Jamming


Guest Blogger, Casey Shea , Pittsburgh, Pa.

Author of the  ”Casey Shea-ved Ice”  Blog

The goal of any advertisement or commercial is to get people talking.

Honda’s President’s Day commercial certainly has done that and much more.

My first encounter with the commercial was during a Penguins game Friday night. While posting a tweet, I hear the phrase, “Who’s your founding father?” spoken in a highly suggestive tone. Naturally, my ears perk up and I turned my attention to the screen.

What happened over the next 20 seconds or so gave me insight into what a computer must feel like when you have too many things open and it crashes. It was just total sensory overload as my brain tried feverishly to process what was happening on my television screen.

There were men dressed in colonial garb singing about Blue Tooth and Honest Abe talking like Barry White about the features of the vehicle.

None of it made sense. All I could process was that Honda was having a sale on President’s Day. My wife turned to me after it was over and we both started at each other as if to ask, “Did you see that too?

There were several exchanges of inaudible mutterings, because there were literally no words to describe what we’d seen. We just tuned in to watch a hockey game and then this commercial happened.

As with anything that outlandish, you need to see it again in order to prove to people that it exists. I imagine the feeling I had (while waiting for it to come on again) was similar to the one people who claim to have seen Bigfoot or Nessie live with on a daily basis.  Something like, “If only I had a camera, I could prove to everyone I’m not crazy!”

Roughly 30 minutes later, it came on again and I was ready. However, I had assumed that Honest Abe was the only one speaking during the commercial based on my first experience.


There was George Washington asking me “Who’s Your Founding Father?” and I nearly blacked out. I had prepared for Abe Lincoln to say it. I was bracing myself and then got blindsided like I was skating through the neutral zone with my head down.
Honestly, it took me seeing that commercial about five times to appreciate that there’s a decent bit of humor in it. Though, I will say I’m happy President’s Day is over because I’m at peace with what I’ve seen. Who knows what might happen if I were to see it multiple times on a daily basis for weeks.

So, congratulations to Honda for achieving their goal of having a catchy tune get stuck in the heads of countless people, including myself.

The only real downside is Abe Lincoln now haunts my dreams.

Well done, Ya Jagoffs.


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