St. Paddy’s Day Parade Jag




“…and when Iiiiirish eeeeeeeyes are smiiiiiiiiiling.

Sure they’ll steeeeeal your heart…. awaaaaaaaay!  

Yeah.. I understand that the photo above is a little…um… GROSS and DISGUSTING but, when these things happen, like a car crash or 90-year old cleavage, despite how bad it is, ya still have to look.. or take picture of it on your phone!

To this lady, the internet is teaching you a lesson through a newly approved Behavioral Change Methodology Phone App called, TPE (Total Public Embarrassment).

Suggestion: the next time you spend your hard earned money for your green shirt, socks, earrings, beads, parade-day-eve drinks, breakfast the day of the parade and get a second-mortgage that it takes to pay to park downtown on an event like the St. Paddy’s Day Parade, say “no” to that SECOND glass of beer, YA JAGOFF!

Note: To this point, there is no admission on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as to who gets the photo credit!

Scooter Priority??


Today we have a guest rant from a VERY funny person, Donna Cavanaugh, creator of the humor blog site, Humor Outcasts and author.  

I have a pet peeve:

I don’t like when people treat me as if I am invisible. In Costco and I had two items in my cart. One woman was in front of me.

A woman in a store scooter drives up the line and cuts in front of me. She says to the woman in front of me “I’ll go behind you.” The other lady says, “sure, that is fine.” No one asked me.

The woman in the scooter waves to her husband who runs up to the line with an armful of items. Again, no one asks me if they can go ahead of me. When they finally pay their bill and it’s my turn, I said to her, “Thanks for asking if it’s okay to go ahead.” She turned to me and said, “I’m in a scooter. I always go ahead. I am handicapped.”

I said back, “You are in a scooter. you are not standing or in danger of falling. A scooter doesn’t entitle you to go ahead. If you asked, I would have gladly said yes. But the only handicap you have is rudeness.

Hey lady, if I could have, I would have cut the brake lines on her scooter, Ya Jagoff (read that with a Philly accent cuz Donna is from Philly)


Follow the website, (she lets me write there too!) and click her pic below, to see the books Donna has authored.





What else needs to be said!

Thanks to  @angiemomx9 from Johnstown for the back-up!