Shopping Cart Jagoffs

This picture is a drag. Someone took the time to walk their cart to within 5.9 inches of the cart rack. Then, somehow, they lost their motivation to push the cart around the railing and put it where it is supposed to be!!

The pic ALSO reminds us to ponder the same old question… are you a PUSHER or a WALKER…meaning.. someone who walks their cart to within 4 feet of the cart rack and then shoves it like a madman OR someone who walks the thing the extra four feet and simply places the cart in it’s proper place.

Clearly, they kind of missed the idea of the cart rack OR the cart rack has a crazeeeee strong magnetic force that holds the carts all together in a cart herd!

Hey.. what kind of time would it take out of your self-absorbent busy day to move the cart where it’s supposed to be? And one other question, are you the same people that, when you were younger, you walked your milk glass or cereal bowl over to the dishwasher, but, instead of placing it IN the dishwasher, you placed the item on the counter, 5.46″ away from the dishwasher opening, Ya Jagoff???


Special thanks to @SyntaxxErrorr on Twiter for the pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!

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Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Pyrotenico, New Castle

Welcome to our weekly “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We are yakking with Stephen Vitale and Derek Weber of Pyrotechnico in New Castle, PA.

  We’re talking fireworks, blowing stuff up, lasers and the upcoming Pyrofest!!!!

We ask about the protocols of OOOHING and AHHHING during fireworks display

AND learn alot about this phrase, “What does THIS button do?”

Click the logo to get info on Pyrofest (the Clarks are playing!)


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Ottawa Senators Owner – Eugene Melnyk

Well, the Penguins are facing the Ottawa Senators.  And now this whole thing of the Penguins’ Matt Cooke “purposely” using his skate to cut Senators’ Erik Karlsson’s Achilles Tendon in a weird play during the regular season is a key part of the story line. The Sens owner, Eugene Melnyk has even gone to the point of personally hiring a private investigation team to PROVE Cooke’s actions were purposeful.

But no word on Melnyk’s hiring of an investigative team for HIS player’s recent knock-out shoulder placed on the Canadiens’ Lars Keller.  And why would he?  Like Cooke’s hit, it was an unfortunate part of playing hockey!

But then…..

The other day, when it was named that it was the Pens vs. Sens in the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, apparently a few Pens fans started some nasty-word Tweets to the Sens owner.  So, instead of chucking it off an attributing it to a couple of outta control Pens fans… who may OR may not actually be from Pittsburgh, Eugene-the-Agitator stirs the pot a little more by tweeting the following message:

Some tweets we get from fans are profanity filled. That’s classless – it’s just a game. You are embarrassing your city, team & players.

Indeed it is a GAME!  And sometimes the players get hurt which is very unfortunate.  So bring in whatever investigative teams you need to chase Matt Cooke around town when he gets to Ottawa. Feel free to be distracted.

And, let’s make one of those City-vs.-City bets…like… when the Penguins beat the Senators, you agree to call off this Witch Hunt and, since those private investigators will need something to do, why don’t ya pay to have them come to Pittsburgh and, once and for all, solve OUR mystery of the B-25 Bomber crashing into and being secretly removed from Monongahela River. Now THAT’S good use of your INVESTIGATIVE money, Ya Jagoff!

NOTE TO EUGENE:  The word Jagoff is NOT profanity.


Special thanks to @Pmmalinowski for suggesting today’s blog post!!!


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