Meet Clint Hurdle, Bob Nutting and Kent Tekulve

Photo Credit: Sports

Photo Credit: Sports

Here’s your chance to meet Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle, Pirates owner Bob Nutting and Former Pirates Pitcher Kent Tekulve.  Next Saturday night.  I hope to see you there.

Saturday, November 16th, the Pittsburgh Rotary Club will be honoring a number of Pittsburgh baseball VIP’s at its 7th Annual Chuck Tanner Awards Banquet.  The following individuals will be present to receive awards.

  • Bob Nutting, Pirates Owner, Chuck Tanner Memorial Award
  • Clint Hurdle, Pirates Manager, 2013 Rotary/Tanner MLB Manager of the Year
  • Sally O’Leary, Retired Pirates Front Office Staff, Distinguished Women in Baseball Award
  • Kent “Teke” Tekulve, Former Pirate Pitcher, Root Sports Announcer, Rotary/Tanner Life Time Achievement Award
  • Marc Marizzaldi, Head Coach of Seton Hill University Men’s Baseball, 2013 Collegiate Baseball Manager of the Year

The Master of Ceremonies for the event will be Paul Alexander of 93.7-FM “The Fan.” Returning to conduct the live auction will be James Roddey, former Allegheny County Executive.  

Erie native and nationally recognized Celebrity Sports Artist Kevin-John is returning to create a special limited edition Kent Tekulve memorabilia print for everyone in attendance and will be present to personally sign his creation.  Kevin-John’s artwork has been showcased on ESPN, Spike TV, and NBC, at Super Bowl XXXIX, XL, XLI and the PGA Tour.


The proceeds of this charitable event and its silent auction of sports memorabilia and other items will be used to support Pittsburgh Rotary Club operations and its community programs including:

·         Annual High School Ethics Symposium (400+ Student Attendees per year)
·         Rotary Youth Post High-school Scholarships
·         Polio Plus Worldwide

To purchase tickets go to call 412.471.6210.

Banquet Details:
When: November 16, 2013
Where: Rivers Club, Downtown Pittsburgh
Time:  6pm-10pm







The John Tesh Radio Show Rant


Driving to work the other day…guy comes on the radio. “Did you know some foods can make you smell. You may be surprised to find out that certain foods can lead to bad breath, body odor and toxic gas.

Really? This is a surprise?

So your telling me if I order the tuna and onion melt with Limburger cheese covered in 3 bean chili, I could smell??   Huh?  And the side of whole garlic cloves isn’t helping either?  Well I’ll be.

This really makes me wonder, though, about the guy saying this. I mean if he’s surprised, how do you think HE smells?  He Rolls into the office, “Hiiii…” “Oh god! What is that Greg! Did you eat a skunks anus for breakfast?”

“It may surprise you……” Seriously what’s next?

“Make sure to tune in for the drive home with Delilah. She’s gonna tell you why chain smoking and binge drinking may not be as good for you as you think.”

Just stick to playing today’s hits while you still have a job until Pandora takes over for you, Ya Jagoff!


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 You can see Collin perform next at the Pittsburgh Improv, November 27th.  Details here.




It Only Takes Beer and a Buffet to Catch Most Wanted Guy


This is utterly fantastic!!!

The other night, cool-guy Bill Peduto won the Pittsburgh Mayoral election.  He had a little celebration party.. free beer.. free food… (not sure if the buffet was the standard Pittsburgh meal of baked chicken, chipped roast beef, rigatoni and, of course, green beans almondine.)

But now matter what it was tooooooooooooo much for 54-year old Ernie Daniels who, by the way, is a most wanted fugitive in Allegheny County according to this report on WPXI.

Ol’ Uncle Ernie Boy, if there is any better proof that alcohol causes you to make bad decisions.. (even before you start drinking it) from ugly bar pickups at 2:30am, that you only realize are bad decisions as the sun rises, to coming out of hiding for free food and beer!

Did you NOT watch the old Batman and Robin shows????  Most-wanted guys hang out in old warehouses with angled floors!!


In the meantime, in the words of the Monopoly Man.. “GO TO JAIL!  DO NOT PASS GO AND, BY ALL MEANS DO NOT PASS-UP ANY BARS!  GO DIRECTLY  BACK TO JAIL.   All the free food you can handle there.  But probably no beer unless ya trade your cigs or your body for it!!

Ya know, you woulda been a whole lot less conspicuous if ya had a Richard Nixon mask on.

And here’s the BIG KICKER.. you are sucking down food at an election celebration and you didn’t even have one of those “I voted!” sticker on, Ya Jagoff!!!