The Venus Fly Trap Mattress

Once again, someone who doesn’t have a friend with a pick-up truck.  You can click the pic above and watch the 6-second Vine video of the new Venus Fly Trap Mattress and Box Spring set.

Was “Two Men and a Truck” too expensive?  Was the discount version of them, “One Man and a Sedan” not available?  At least the “One Man and a Sedan” would be professionals and know the protocols for moving a mattress at 55mph… i.e. reach your arm out the window and hold the mattress down while you drive and talk on the cell phone about how excited you are about your new bedding.

I guess there won’t be any problem getting that mattress around a corner once they get it home.  It should be pretty doggone flexible after flapping around at that speed!

Oh, the reason this is called the Venus Fly Trap Mattress and Box Spring set?  Because of amount of bugs that will be stuck in between the two by the time this guy gets to his destination.

For crissssakes!  Befriend someone with a pick-up truck, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to 321Blink Videographer @Scott@Peters for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

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Which Way is “Up” Ya Jagoff?


This might be the unique-iest (how about THAT made up word) Jagoff post so far.  At least as far as work-related Jagoffery is concerned.

This photo was sent to us by  fork lift professional that opened up the back of a tractor trailer to unload it and saw what you see in the pic!  It’s for realz.  We know the fork lift driver.

The really cool thing is, the fork lift driver knew EXACTLY what to do with this situation.  Did he file “potential damage” forms at work?  No!  Did he report someone for doing a poor job of loading?  No!  Did he yell and scream about the people that loaded this truck?  Well, maybe for a little while UNTIL he decided to take a picture of what he was seeing and sent it to us!!!!

He also documented that, sending it to us, dropped his blood pressure AND frustration level by at last 50%!!  See?  We’re clinically proven… 9 outta 10 dentists approve us!!!  (The 10th one was a Jagoff!)

There’s not much to say about this… it is what it is.  Here’s what WE are wondering…does the person that loaded this point left or right when they are referring to HEAVEN and/or HELL??  And are they sooooo confused with arrow use that they wear one of those, “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts and the arrow is pointing directly up at their own face?

Then we thought, what if a true YINZER was doing this box.. they might have put the arrow facing downward because, the would have thought “dn” meant “DAHN!”

We have no idea who loaded this but we sure are appreciative that it was sent to us.  The contents of the boxes, by the way, are kitchen cabinets.  And, just in case the same guys, that loaded this truck, are the some people installing the cabinets…..for the record, the granite stuff that comes NEXT goes on TOP of the cabinets, Ya Jagoffs!



Upgrades to Downtown Pittsburgh/North Side Apartments


Somehow I got invited to an actual press conference.  I mean, there was free food, drinks, Mayor Peduto, the Pittsburgh Business Times, Post-Gazette and TV cameras.  I pinched myself and then proceeded to eat as many of the little finger sandwiches and snacks that I could shove in.

At some point, I made a little video with Elle Walters, Marketing Director of Faros Properties 

Check it aht!  We tried to get her to commit to Guys and Yia-Yia’s for all renters.

Faros bought Washington Plaza (2012) and the Allegheny Center apartments earlier this year.  Now they’re making in late big upgrades to both properties and re-naming them.  No feedback yet on YaJagoff getting some kind of naming rights!

Some studio apartments on the North Side facility are expected to rent for $625 per month.  Who’s in???

Why are they doing this?

“People are migrating here because it’s such a great standard of living.  We feel the demographics are getting younger.”

Pgh Business Times

Yeah buddy!!!

Here are the new websites for the two properties! and

Thanks to the gang at Markowitz Communications for the invite.

I might get invited to another one because, for the first time at a public event, I didn’t drop any food on the floor.