Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Virginia Montanez (Jane Pitt)


Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff

Long before there where smart phones and rampant social media, Pitt Girl grew a blogging audience like no other in Pittsburgh. She set the standard for local bloggers.

We are Yakkin’ with her about her “Make Room for Kids” fundraiser, toast, favorite girl scout cookies and which TV anchor person would play her in a movie.  Aaaaand we get chased by PPG Security (not a movie chase scene kind of thing with smashing cars but definitely chased.)


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So Many Gas Pumps From Which To Choose

 This is why this blog is such a necessary aspect of Pittsburgh life.  One, we can all see that this lady was only thinking of herself when she pulled in (No, there was not another car at the pump in front of her when she originally pulled in.)  Therefore we can all use this as a LEARNING MOMENT on how to NOT be a jag, um, well.. you know.

Two, we can also learn from this and “FEAR” that, if you’re not nice, you might end up being posted on this blog some day revealing your  inconsideration toward others!  “FEAR THE POST!”

And three, when you are frustrated with someone or something, don’t get mad OR get even.  WE are your outlet to vent!

So, back to the lady at the gas pump.  Wondering if, after she filled her tank, then left her car at the pump while she ran inside to get a Turner’s Iced Tea or, EVEN WORSE, stand in line to play 47 combinations on the daily lottery because she had a dream about a sailboat and corn on the cob.

Hey Mrs. Suburbanite-Surburban-Driver, those extra pumps aren’t like your decorative gnomes in your back yard.  The reason that there are sooooooo many gas pumps at the GetGo is so that OTHER people can get some gas the same time that you do!!!!  Crazy how that works, huh?

You may THINK you have to swing your Suburban out wide to the right to make a left hand turn, like a big-rig, but its REALLY not that big. Let’s make some room for others or get yourself a Mini-cooper, Ya Jagoff!


Drunken Stupor or Drunk and Stupid?



Look mom, NO HANDS (to put out in front of me to protect my head and face from making direct contact with the concrete while I am drunk)!

Same ol’ story:

Big concert at Heinz Field

People don’t know how to drink responsibly.

They forget that fighting at a tailgate is far different than fighting in a hockey game (you don’t just get 4 minutes)

They forget all sense of what happens to garbage… (like, they probably DON’T throw it on the floor at home)

The fan-base looks like morons despite, probably most of them, were decent human beings

(See full story and video on WPXI)

But then ya have my man… who has too much to drink and, clearly NO FRIENDS.  Because, I would have to think that if I got THIS drunk in front of MY friends, they would throw me in the back seat of a car and duct tape me to it for my own safety while they carry on with their celebration.

So this guy’s friends let him wonder off…. and from the looks of it, he’s doing a great audition for a Cirque du Soleil troupe.

Watch the 6-second version of my man doing a very good, I mean, even a 10 from the Russian Judge good, face plant into the cement.

Hey “Puke Bryan,” what a proud moment, heh?  Thank goodness you were able to get up!  Otherwise you might have been hidden under the 5-feet of garbage left by some of your drunk, idiot, no class, can’t-handle-my-first-beer, I-like-those-restaurants-that-allow-patrons-to-throw-peanut-shells-on-the-floor, an-overused-concert-porta-potty-is-cleaner-than-my-bathroom-at-home buddies.

By the way, your prize?  We just paid to register you into the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks AND you’ve won for best graphic depiction of the evolution of man, stage 3 (3 steps outta the pond and kinda hunched over) Ya Jagoff!!


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