It’s a “Peter Parkers” Thursday!



It’s been a looooooooooooooong time since I posted Peter Parkers.  Probably so long that it’s worth reminding you why they are called Peter Parkers:

Peter Parker – Well, there’s a nickname for “Richard” that one might use to describe how these people park..”Park Like A Richard”  BUT “Peter” seems like a better word since this is a family show.  AND it flows better ….with Parker so you get, “Peter Parker.”

So these people just can’t seem to figure out that their vehicles were supposed to go BETWEEN the white thingies.  (Maybe they are all driven by Jeff Reed’?)  And they are so blatantly bad, I didn’t even have to use the Jagoff-estrator technology.

No matter how many of these we post, the Peter Parking problem continues… people are STILL inconsiderate of others!

So here are MY thoughts AGAIN…. “Don’t Hate – Educate!” So, I would suggest that these drivers, spend a full-day just sitting in one of the local Pennsylvania Drivers License Centers.  (Not one where Sidney Crosby cuts the line because seeing him would NOT be punishment.)

While there, they don’t have to practice parking, they just have to sit there all day.  Basically, if you spend a whole day at one of those places doing some people watching, you will do ANYTHING to not have to go back… including promising to NEVER park like this again.

In the meantime, what do you think the conversation with any of these drivers would be if you approached them?  Here’s how I envision any of these drivers responding:

“ Sorry, I’m not used to these line-thingies cuz, when I USUALLY come to Jo-Ann fabrics for some scrapbooking supplies or do a Red Box Drop-off,  I normally just pull in at the curb in front of the store and put my 4-way flashers on and, yes, I realize I am blocking the cross walk,  I’m only gonna be a MINUTE!!!”

Either that or you find and older gentleman, who dropped off the scrapbookin’ Mrs. at the front door (while everyone waited behind him) and now he is poised in the “Emergency Response” position for when she comes out with her arms full of glue sticks!

Or maybe it’s a younger driver who had to do some very important texting as they pulled into the spot at 89mph.

Listen you pull-in-without-regard-to-time-place-or-dimension-spatially-awareness-challenged-Peter-parker-perpetrators, I realize it may take you an extra 1.585782251 minutes to park BETWEEN THE LINES like the REST OF US  (who also have important things to do) but, how about squeezin’ that hobby-supply-rig IN BETWEEN the white lines, and make room for the rest of us,  YA JAGOFFS!


Thanks to @JagoffBrewer, @PghLesbian24 , @MadChad412 from Twitter and Sandie Mackintosh from Facebook for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers today.


And don’t for get the CHALK CHALLENGE! 

Next time you see a Peter Parker, write on the ground near the car and THEN take the picture.


Ig’nernt Drivers (Block Blockers)


As you know this blog was created to point out when people are being IG’nernt (my grandmother’s word for ignorant) to others.  And, nothing exhibits the phrase “I don’t give two sh#ts about anyone other than myself” (my grandfather’s words selfish IG’nernt people) better than, drivers who jump through yellow lights, make their own lanes, stack up cars worse than a dozen 9-year olds on the Kennywood Bumper Cars, and block the oncoming traffic because they JUST HAVE to get to where they are going before YOU DO!

Right… because sitting through the next red light for yet another 2.5 minutes makes a difference on whether or not you get the last cart a CostCo or the last set of undies on sale at Target!

As I always, say…. I think we could reduce the national debt if we cited every driver, that did this, $25.  Just plant me right there at the corner.  I’ll write citations until my hand has cramps in it like I used to get when I would write dissertations in Sister Anecita’s after school detentions sessions.

So just to review the rules of the road.. when the light is yellow, it is not time to jut your car forward … sit where you are and take that extra time to check your emails or your Facebook status on your smart phone, Ya Jagoffs!


Awesome Jagoff Catch on a Port Authority Bus



We all know about Pittsburgh’s “Going Green” initiatives.  But this guy seems to have a different understanding. He doesn’t get that the whole “earth returned to earth” thing is for the OUTSIDE!

He was sitting on a Port Authority bus… enjoying life…relaxing…eating sunflower seeds.. and throwing the shells on the bus floor.

You can watch the original Vine video here.

What?  Have ya watched too many Pirates games this season …watching the boys in the dugout spitting shells around the diamond.  It IS plausible ya know..maybe some people aren’t used to watching so much baseball and picked up some bad habits!

Hey Johnny SUNFLOWERseed… (did ya see what I just did there with the APPLESEED thingy?)…as my grandfather might say, “Would you do that in your own house?” WAIT!! Don’t answer that.

Seriously…. this is a bus.. that other people use too.  It might not be the most timely, the most efficient or have the happiest drivers but we clearly don’t need to be following YOU around the system with a ShopVac.  I would appreciate it if you would NOT throw your shells around on the bus.  I have shared my seat with some unique riders over the years and I would prefer not to find myself sitting next to a family of RACOONS!

If ya wanna throw shells on the floor, go to the Park House, Ya Jagoff!