How To Impress Your Boss


First, my apologies to WPXI reporter, Jennifer Tomazic, for the horrible facial expression screen capture.

Second, I don’t care what side of this thing you’re on… whether or not you think McD’s workers deserve $15/hour or not but, I gotta tell ya, I’m kind of a practical guy and, how I see this is, the way to NOT get $15/hour or ANY $/hour is to get arrested.  Let alone, arrested in your work uniform.

Be careful, good decision-making skills might be a on the check-off list to get hired/a raise, Ya Jagoffs!



Breaking Bad News: Crosby Arrested, Cosby Dead and Bing Crosby Resuscitated



So do ya think that someone’s gonna lose their intern job at the over-night “death and destruction squad” news desk shift at the Ottawa Sun?  Not only did this get reported to someone but it got vetted (despite not actually happening) then it go posted and tweeted at 3:40am.

In case you can’t read the fine print and haven’t heard the story yet.  Sidney Crosby was reported to have been arrested and detained by the Ottawa police because of a traffic violation in a rented Porsche.  It even said that he had been fingerprinted and mugshotted (not sure that’s actually a word.) See story from KDKA-TV cuz it’s certainly not on the Ottawa Sun page anymore!

Eventually the Ottawa Police Chief confirmed with a statement and a tweet that his department had no interaction with Crosby, at which point, I’m fairly certain that the over-night news desk chump experienced horrible stomach and intestinal cramping knowing, full well, that they were about to become an unemployed news desk chump due to lack of integrity OR a highly-paid sports writer in Philadelphia!

As an aside, the worst thing about this story is that I didn’t even hear about it until I heard Bill Rehkopf and Ken Rice talking about this on the news.. BTW.. that’s the afternoon drive time news!  Was I under a rock all day? Jeeezus! I have to stop getting so engrossed in those DVR’d Today Shows about the Duggars. I can kill an entire day with those!

To close this out, the Ottawa Sun posted a note, of course, apologizing.  And the over-night news desk chump, was seen at the local Gasteroenterologist for uncontrollable intestinal discomfort. (The reported name of said G.I. physician, Dr. Lou Stool) <—– did that all by myself!

So to the over-night-I-can’t-wait-to-get-a-real-news-job-so-I’m-gonna-fast-track-myself-to-fame-on-this-story, good luck with your next job as an over-night burrito and gasoline maitre d’ at your local convenience store.  The weird thing is, everyone jokes about “If I saw it on the internet, it MUST be true.” You’ve changed the rules….”If I PUT it on the internet, it MUST be true!

Sorry that you’ll be unemployed but thanks for the blog material, Ya Jagoff!


Read another good article about this on the 

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The Guy On The Phone at the Stadium

YJ-GuyOnPhoneWent to the Bucs game the other day.

A special “Holla” to the folks at the Pittsburgh Tweetup group for coordinating.

Despite the Pirates losing, it was a great time except….. well….

Have ya ever gone to an outside stadium event where you have some friends at the same game but you’re not sure where they are sitting?  So, once you figure out you’re all there, possibly you text, call or tweet them about hooking up for a selfie or just to say “Hi.”

But then, sometimes, ya have “that person” in your section that loves the challenge of finding their friend in the crowd…. talking on their phone, while waving madly, attempting to explain, to the person on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STADIUM, or even worse, UP BEHIND THEM, exactly where they are sitting.

I’m in the white hat, section 234,holding the large bucket of popcorn, Melissa is right next to me,  just underneath the “s” in the word “Strike” on the scoreboard…. no.. not the jumbo tron, the small scoreboard.

Oh, but wait!

This is also the same guy that spends the entire game trying to be the  “entertainment guy”  of the section….. everything from multiple failed-wave attempts to yelling 1970-ish “Stevie Wonder” cat calls at the umpires to explaining the relevance of the “walk up” songs for each one of the Pirates as they come up to bat…..despite the fact that he probably spells EMINEM, “M & M.” as he searches for his songs on the iTunes Store.

I’m all about a good time but…. attempts at being the class clown should be limited to 3 strikes!  If there are no take-ups by the crowd, sit down and enjoy the game.

Thankfully, this guy DID eventually get the people across the stadium to spot him. You would’ve thought he hit the MegaMillions.

Hey Sammy the Section Simpleton.. you maybe be really funny at all your friends’ parties. You may even crack up the family and make grammy shoot gravy out of her nose at Thanksgiving Dinner each year.  But this is a little different.  This is not Last Comic Standing (and waving at their friends on the other side of the stadium while talking on your cell phone) Ya Jagoff!