Didn’t Have To Wait to Get To Harrisburg To Find a Jagoff


Driving, driving, driving…I am driving on one of the most expensive toll roads this side of…. well, um, actually, it IS the most expensive toll road ANYWHERE! And rates are about to go up again.

And given that it is indeed exspensive, I’d like to use as much of it as I can in as little amount of time as I can.  However, these little cone thingies and reduced speed limit signs are kind of in my way.  Ok, I get it, the road needs maintenance and this is maintenance season.  HOWEVER………

The photo above shows orange cones that were beside me for about 2.5 miles.  The orange sign ahead says, “end of construction zone.”  Guess where the 8 workers were doing THEIR thing ?  Yep, about 1.5 miles before I took this picture – all working around 2 trucks and one 10′ piece of jersey barrier! (and yes, they WERE working – no cheapy jokes here)

I realize we need to protect our road workers from “Texting-Cell-phone-talking-Cell-phone-photo-taking-Sirius-Comedy-Channel-listening-Talking-with-their-hands-Eatin-travel-munchy-Damn-I-spilled-my-drink-Where-in-the-hell-is-one-of-those-napkins”  drivers but 2.5 miles of buffer zone seems a bit ridic!!! I need some RUNWAY here!

Thank God I have EZ pass so that I have NO IDEA what it’s really costing me to travel slower than a Tweed-hated-West Penn AAA 50-year member, Ya Jagoffs!

Meeting Captain Wild Bill Of “The Deadliest Catch”


No Jagoffs to post today.  Far from it!!  Last night I had the opportunity to shoot a “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff” episode with Captain Wild Bill of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” TV show.  It will be ready to watch soon and, let’s just say, I gave it MY BEST to convince him to let me become a Greenhorn on his crabbing boat, the F/V Cape Caution.

He was in town to visit his mother (Irwin, PA), took time to give some local Vets (Steel City Vets) a private tour on the Just Ducky Tour and then hungout at Joe’s Crab Shack at Station Square.  Below are some photos and a Vine video of the evening.

Just so ya know.. Captain Wild Bill  ain’t no Jagoff!  He was unbelievably kind and generous with his time!!!


Here is a video of Captain Wild Bill Hijacking the Just Ducky Tour Boat!

Captain Wild Bill holding up one of his fans from the boat ride.



He took over the boat for a while on the river.



And, at some point, he flashes the company colors!!!


Just wait until you see the Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff episode with him!  Had a great time playing around.  He was a great sport!  And thanks to Kimberly Flaherty, his publicist and her assistant, Katherin Carngola.

And thanks to the Steel City Vets and ALL vets for their service…… (saying this in the we love yinz all kind of way) Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks for letting me take a break and post this note about how pleasant it was to hang out with Captain Wild Bill!


Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff! – Country Music Singer, Chris Higbee


Welcome to a SPECIAL “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We are at Bubba’s Burgers with Pittsburgh Country music dude, Chris Higbee. He has a new song.. but, more importantly, where’s the craziest place he’s been asked to play the fiddle? And, what was it like growing up playing the “fiddle?”

Click the photo above to watch if the video doesn’t appear below.

Click the pic below to watch some of Chris Higbee’s music videos.



For the production!

Special thanks to Bubba’s Gourmet Burgers for hosting us!


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