Steelers Lose To Raiders Rant



Ok… love the Steelers but reality is setting in on the 2013-14 season.  At some point, it might be prudent for the malls to start adding staff on Sunday afternoons.  Not that we’re all turning our backs on the Steelers, but the reduced importance of the current season and the pain of watching Ben get sacked 5-6 times per game makes my OWN back and knees hurt!  I think I took 8 Alieve during the first half of the game and used 3 bottles of Absorbine Junior the second half.

Even more compounding, yesterday was the day I came back from Hawaii.. trading in 86 degree weather for the hometown chill.  While glad to be home and glad to see the welcoming sunshine….I’m pa-riiiiitt-teee sure that trading in Hawaii for fall weather on the SAME DAY that one realizes that the Steelers are gonna fall VERY short this year, ranks somewhere high on that Holmes and Rahe Stress Level Scale…(You know.. that one that gives you points for Death of a Spouse, Divorce, Job Termination, Buying a House...)

But… the Steelers are ours and we can’t quite call them Jags…

So, I have to deflect this stress somewhere…I’m now biting my tongue….and you’re gonna have to wait until TOMORROW’S BLOG to see who is catching the full brunt of my  Holmes and Rahe anger…(HINT: USAirways)

Be sure to check back here tomorrow.. Ya Jag… nope… not gonna do it.. gonna hold that thought so that I don’t soften up before tomorrow.


Guest Blog – Sue Kerr


One more day in Hawaii and then back to the maniacal weather in Pittsburgh.  I will be sharing some pics next week here.  

Here is today’s Guest Blogger, Sue Kerr.


October 17 was “Spirit Day” – an opportunity for heterosexual allies to the LGBT community to send up a little sign of support, in this case a purple sign. (Purple is the stripe in the rainbow flag that represents spirit.)

The Pirates, wrapping up what everyone considers a terrific Buctober, chose to participate by the outrageous move of adding a purple frame to their logo on their Facebook page AND then cheekily updating their status.


The Pirates rock.  Many of the commenters rock, too. Unfortunately, some do not. You can divvy them up into those who simply hate LGBT folks (“haters”) and those who think Spirit Day is some sort of politically correct attempt to distract the Pirates from playing baseball (???)

All those ignorant haters posting craptastic garbage on the Pirates’

Facebook page simply because they  threw up some purple are the EXACT REASON why we need them and all of the other teams to stand proud as allies.

Not only is it ugly, nasty ignorance that hurts kids, it shows that these folks haven’t been paying attention for the past 9 years.

Consider this: In 2011, the Pirates released their “It Gets Better”, one of the first teams to use the words “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.”  In 2012? Winning season and Buctober.

A few other points:

  • Beginning in 2004, The Pirates hosted “Pride Night at PNC Park”
  • (Pridefest used to be on the North Shore.) Mr Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2004 threw out the opening pitch.
  • In 2012, they screened their IGB video during pregame and invited LGBTQ youth to the game.
  • In 2012, they hosted an anti-LGBTQ bullying conference  during off-season with Persad, GLSEN and local academics.
  • In 2013, they invited GLSEN to organize a night for youth at the park.

There’s more, but that’s enough to show that the team have been allies in various incarnations for nearly a decade. The Pirate Parrot has been to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center to hang out with youth in a safe space. The list goes on and on. When the Pirates were down and out, they made time to support LGBT youth experiencing bullying and harassment. When the Pirates were on top, they did the same thing.

So suck it, haters. Post your garbage and show the world what ugly hearts you have. No one cares because young people in Pittsburgh, LGBTQ and straight, have a fine team of role models and winners on their side.

We are family, baby.

That’s why they are true hometown heroes and those of you who criticized them for it are 100% jagoffs.


You can follow Sue Kerr on Twitter here and on her blog Pgh Lesbian Correspondent.

A Comedian Says “Goodbye” to Pittsburgh



OK.. I have one more day here in Hawaii… on Facebook and Twitter but will post some here next week.  In the meantime, here’s today’s Guest Blog post from Pittsburgh comedian, now gone, Isaac Kozell.

Dear Pittsburgh,

It’s been three months since I left your loving arms and settled into the warm embrace of my new home in Louisiana. There’s so much to love about the south. For instance, as I write this, you’re struggling to crack the 45 degree mark, as thick clouds cast a dismal, grey filter over your three rivers. Meanwhile, I’m sitting outside in my boxers, applying sunscreen and sipping mint juleps.

Despite the many charms of Southern living, there are definitely things I miss about the North, like, the way that people greet you. In Pittsburgh – hell, in almost every other part of the country – you can walk into any coffee shop, gas station, or adult bookstore and get a friendly, “Hey, how you doin’?” But in the South, the common greeting is, “Are you alright?” delivered in an unnerving tone that suggests that you just got a nosebleed and haven’t quite noticed it yet. Southern hospitality this is not.

The first few times I heard, “Are you alright?” I thought I’d done something wrong, like, absentmindedly left the house without my pants on, or, walked into a public establishment holding hands with a black girl. But after realizing that I wasn’t doing anything physically to merit such a question, I began to wonder if the locals were picking up on something else. Perhaps there’s some kind of Southern intuition, a Confederate sixth sense, that I’m unaware of.

All Southerners are genetically gifted with the ability to track wild game using scent alone. It’s a scientific truth. Their babies are born with this talent. Visit any pediatrician’s office and you’ll see a child development chart on the wall. The first three stages are crawling, walking, and tracking pheasant. Verbal communication and reading aren’t expected until much later in life, if at all.

I believe that Southerners have begun to evolve their scent-detection skills to a level in which they can learn personal details about other humans. If this is true, one good whiff is all it would take to provide them with an inside peek into a person’s inner fears, subconscious turmoil, and darkest secrets. It’s frightening to think that any Southerner positioned downwind of me would instinctively know that I spent a significant portion of my early teens trying on my mother’s lingerie. If that ever got out, my reputation would be ruined.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, sometimes I really miss you…Ya Jagoffs!”


Make sure you stay in touch with Isaac on Twitter, @IsaacKozell and follow all of his blog post here, Isaac Kozell.