Daylight Saving Time – What Jagoffs!!!


So another year of this “move the clocks ahead nonsense” is behind us.  Another Spring when people showed up for church, golf and airplane flights late and missed the 11am McDonald’s Breakfast/Lunch cutoff.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do we put ourselves through this???

And by the way, it is NOT “Daylight Savings Time.”  It is “Daylight Saving Time” meaning we are now saving DAYLIGHT not creating a summer version of a Citizens Bank .000003% interest Christmas Club account called the DAYLIGHT SAVINGS CLUB!

So why are we worried about saving daylight?  Some say it’s the government and an energy thing, some say it’s a Farmer’s Almanac thing and, quite honestly, most people have no idea and make stuff up!!!

I wasn’t aware DAYLIGHT was in need of saving!!!  Am I the only one that was content with the amount of DAYLIGHT we had already??

If you’re working at 2am, or 3am or, 3am that JUST WAS 2am 10-seconds ago, you may have just been shafted outta an hour worth of pay.

And then there’s the changing-the-DVR-Microwave-Oven-WorkWatch-DressWatch-CarClock-OtherCarClockThatNeedsAPenToStockInTheThingy-TheVariousBatteryOperatedDecorativeWallCocks-TheShowerRadioClock-and-the-BedsideClockRadio routine.  EXHAUSTING!

SIDE NOTE: It absolutely KILLS me when the Microwave clock and the Oven clock don’t match minutes!

Look, I just got used to writing 2013 on my checks.  Thank GAWD I don’t have to write the time of day on anything based on the sun’s position!  And the dog, he’ doesn’t realize that his stomach-alarm needs to be changed by an hour… he’s HUNGRY NOW!!!!

And how about the work-time lost due to DST… we know about the March Madness mess of people wasting time at work but how many work-hours are lost by people standing around the office last Friday searching the internet and arguing over the “Is it spring FORWARD?” question!

OK.. enough about Daylight Savings Time.  The bottom line is, I have no idea who is responsible for it but too many people hold ME responsible for figuring it out!  My vote,  let’s just keep the clocks the same  all year around and, those of you who WANT that precious extra hour of daylight, get your lazy arses out of bed an hour early on your own, Ya Jagoffs!!!


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Quotes On The Bus


Every Saturday this spot is dedicated to things overheard on one of the Port Authority buses of Allegheny County.  Thanks to the AWESOME Michael Nac, creator of QUOTES ON THE BUS for his posts each week!

“A little bitty Drug Operation at home never hurt nobody.” Red Line

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Self Serve Gas AIN’T As Simple as Just Gettin’ Gas


This is a repost from last year BUT has real meaning cuz these gas pump questions are getting RIDICULOUS!!!

When I’m getting gas, I’m usually in a hurry…either to get to an appointment or to get home.. either way, BOTH are places that I told people I’d be home 20 minutes ago!  Then, I get stuck with a gas pump that asks more questions than a 9 year-old asking about Santa Clause:

  •      Do you have a fuel card? Yes or No
  •      Do you want to use your points? Yes or No
  •      Credit or Debit? Yes or No
  •      Do you want to purchase windshield washer fluid?
  •      Do you want a car wash?   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

This is more questions than an SAT Test?!!!!!!!!

I just want gas, YA JAGOFFS!