What Is A Jagoff? One Picture Says It All



That’s all that needs to be said!  Happy Friday

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Restaurant Left-over Jagoffs at Home!


Let he who HASN’T stolen restaurant leftovers from someone cast the first stone!!!!

When you’re in a relationship and you’re living together, there are a number of things you have to share. Some things are easy to share while others are more difficult and then there are some things that are simply off limits.

A few weeks ago, my husband picked up take out from our favorite local restaurant. Along with our amazing tacos, he grabbed a couple large cookies for dessert. We ate dinner and I ate my cookie, but he only ate a portion of his cookie. Well, the next morning I woke up earlier than he did and I ate the leftover cookie for breakfast. When he awoke, I fessed up and told him, “I ate the other half of your cookie.” His reply was, “Wait! I only took a sliver off that cookie – that was way more than half.”

Last week we ordered take out again. I didn’t eat much and had an entire pork taco leftover. Now, to clarify – this is in the “off limits” category for me. Nobody gets near my pork taco. As I was at work, hubby texts me “I ate the other half of your pork taco.”

Ahhh, I deserved that. Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to  @burghJacks on Twitter for this post.

What favorite leftover have you STOLEN or HAD STOLEN from you?




A special edition of Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!!

We are yakkin’ with Bonny Diver (CBS Radio Traffic Voice) and Ernie Ricci about Bonny’s upcoming HairPeace Charities event…. Saturday … AND tunnel monsters!

Hope to see everyone there.

Follow Bonny: www.HairPeace.org

Get tickets to the event by clicking the invitation below.


Special thanks to Ernie Ricci and his La Famiglia for donating the hot sausage.


Here’s a list of who’s coming:

Munch – curried butternut squash soup
Sheri VanDyke – Kelly O’s Diner- Asparagus Crab Quiche

Table 2
Cara Sapida – Buffalo Chicken Bites
Robby Incmikoski /with John Chamberlain (ya jagoff) :Ernie Ricci’s Hot sausage with peppers/onions

Table 3
Kelly Langenohl & Elista teams with Studio Raw Hogs/Dan and Rohn – Egg Rolls
into the bar area…

Table 4
Doug Oster – Lobster Lasagna
Jen Antkowiak – Donato’s of Fox Chapel- Espresso Rubbed Blackened Sirloin

Table 5
Val Porter – Bella Sera/Jason – tuscan minestone
Phil Bourque – UPMC catering – Shrimp Romano

Table 6
Dave Crawley – Tom Reinsel Campobasso Crostini
Lori Geiger – Meatballs

Table 7
Joe Arena & Katherine Amenta – Atria’s PNC with Johnny Angel – City Chicken(pork tenderloin) with sweet mashed potatoes
desserts big room- fire place area PAUL& GAIL

Table 8
Gretchen Mckay – Poached Apples/maple whipped cream
Scott Harbaugh – Bondog Blueberry Baby

Table 9
Shelley Duffy -Shelley’s Sweets
Rick Dayton – Double Stuffed Apple Pie

Table 10
Melanie Taylor – Pretzel Crazy – Chocolates/Pretzels
Vinnie Richichi – Cop Out Pierogies – Dessert Pierogies