Cinco de Mayo and Yinzers


Sooooo… it’s Cinco de Mayo.  Here are the top ways to be a Cinco de Mayo Jagoff!

  • Make fun of the day by saying it’s named after your ex-spouse and calling it “Psycho de Mayo.”
  • Calling it Cinco de MAY-yo (As if it is a day to celebrate Hellman’s).  This is similar to calling the place where the Penguins play, The Con-SAWL Energy Center.
  • Telling everyone at work about “the worm” in the bottom of  a Tequila bottle that you SWEAR a friend ate one time and almost died.
  • Buying a 12-pack of Taco Bell hard/soft tacos for the office lunch room.  Those are about as authentic as a John Boehner tan.
  • Using a sharpie to scratch out the O’ of of your St. Patty’s Day drinking shirt to writing an o at the end of your name to make it sound Mexican.
  • Wearing your Bradshaw team jersey to the bar.
  • Wearing your Bradshaw team jersey to the bar and tucking it in your jeans shorts.
  • Getting drunk and telling your Mexican friends that you’re sorry that their fellow country man, “de Mayo” had to die “that way” but you like what he stood for AND you like the way that they chose to celebrate the Holiday in his honor.

So go have fun Cinco-celebrators… just remember, tomorrow at work, it’s much better to be telling the stories about the drunk idiots at the bar than to be the topic of the stories, at work, about the drunk idiot at the bar.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Ya Jagoffs!



And the Winners Are….



This week we ran a couple of contests and here are the winners.

As in all contests, all entrants names are put into a nasty, stinky, Pens Stanley Cup Champs hat (circa 2009), shuffled around and randomly selected and here are this week’s results:


The winner of the Chachi Plays contest is

A. Broderick

He will be taking a one-hour gaming slot at the Toonseum fundraiser next weekend.

For more info on the Chachi Plays event and how to donate/participate click here.

Email us a YaJagoff At Comcast.Net for details.


The winner of the “Hang Out With the Pros” contest is

John Rogers

For more info on the Hang Out event and how to donate/participate go to

Two comp tickets will be left at the door for you.


And, because all is good with the world, here is a random winner of a blog t-shirt.

Entry was selected from LIKES, SHARES and RETWEETS from the week.

Bradley Hall

Email us a YaJagoff At Comcast.Net with your size and mailing address.

Thanks to all for your support!

Play Games for a Good Cause – Next Weekend


Chachi Plays for Kids is back for its fourth and installment,  is scheduled for May 9th and 10th, 2014.

The gaming schedule is posted on, and is anticipated to be filled with a variety of games, including Tetris, Mario Kart and Street Fighter/Tekken tournaments. Event organizers have also announced the Chachi Open – an 18-hole game of Wii Golf.

This year’s benefactors will be  ToonSeum  and Dreams of Hope.

Watch Chachi’s intense work out as he gets ready for the gaming marathon!

Chachi Plays for Kids began four years ago when Anthony “Chachi” Walker’s decided he wanted to do something to help improve the city he loves. “I just wanted to do something to give back to the community,” said Walker. “There are plenty of  kids out there who don’t really get a childhood, either due to economic or societal situations they’re in. If I can give those  kids an opportunity to be a kid, that’s what I’d like to do.”

The idea for a video game marathon came from Child’s Play ( Mr. Walker realized it was the perfect opportunity for him to combine his love for video games and support his community. “It’s a great feeling at the end of  the day to know that I was able to help make some kid’s day a little better,” noted Walker.

During the inaugural event in February 2011, Mr. Walker raised more than $2,700 for the Mario Lemieux Foundation as part of the Make Room for Kids fundraiser and was acknowledged for his efforts by the Pittsburgh City Council.  Last year’s event raised $4,357 to support the ToonSeum and Art Expression.

Comment below for a chance to win the YaJagoff spot to play!  

Event sponsors include the Toonseum  and Sorgatron Media.

What: Chachi Plays for Kids, a 24-hour video game marathon fundraiser.
When: 7:00 p.m. Friday, May 9, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. Saturday, May 10, 2014
Where: ToonSeum, 945 Liberty Avenue # 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15222