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Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Pittsburgh Mommy Blogger, Nadine Champsi



Welcome to our weekly “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We are yakkin’ with Pittsburgh Mommy Blogger, Nadine Champsi who runs a mommy blog in Pittsburgh.

She blogs about helpful travel tips, things to do in Pittsburgh and, of course, she’s from Boston originally and fell in love with Pittsburgh!

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You can also find Nadine writing each month for the on-line publication, Next Pittsburgh.

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Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Owen, Ahmed and Roy from Sullivan and Son


We are yakkin’ with Ahmed Ahmed, Roy Wood, Jr. and Owen Benjamin from the Sullivan and Son cast

about Urban Rabbits, Primanti sandwiches, golf cart bowling and how to act when Vince Vaughn is your boss.


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Details on the Comedy Tour



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Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Steve Byrne (Sullivan and Son)



We are back stage of the Rex Theater yakkin’ with comedian Steve Byrne.

His start in comedy.

Bar games on the Sullivan & Son.

What is ALWAYS on the agenda on his trips back to Pittsburgh?

But the key part is, has he been gone from Pittsburgh too long to remember the Mr. Rogers theme song?


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