Work Jagoffs

Office Flossing Jagoff



Received this note with the pic above (Once again, we have used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the Jagoffery.):


I was the one that sent you guys the first ever San Francisco Jagoff about the guy who ran over the Do Not Enter sign….well here is another San Francisco Jagoff for you. Could not resist this one. Here is the story along with the pic I included.

Somebody in the office flossed their teeth with a floss pick and just threw it on the ground next to the garbage can. They walked by it several times, then decided to just put a folding table over it. Didn’t get a pic of that. This is the same person who brushes their teeth in the break room sink. Just another office Jagoff.

Ok Dental Denny (or Dental Denise as the case may be), we appreciate the fact that you’re the only person in the office that DOESN’T have a poppy seed, or two, stuck in their gums the rest of the day after eating an everything bagel. Yes, the rest of us all walk around not sure what to say to each other as the thing just sticks there during conversation!

But seriously, ya need to be as anal-retentive about your office waste-basket-jump-shot as you are about your teeth.  Please be sure to ALWAYS do your ear-cleaning , with bobby-pins, Q-tips, office keys, pens from your co-w0rkers desk, cork screw, whatever, at home, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks, once again, to Nicole Borello for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher and, practically, our San Francisco Jagoff Catching Bureau Chief!

Raffle winner from yesterday’s blog is David Andrews who chose a Stroll Inn pizza.

David, email us at YaJagoff (at) Verizon (dot) net, subject line PIZZA.  Give us your mailing address for a gift certificate.

How To Impress Your Boss


First, my apologies to WPXI reporter, Jennifer Tomazic, for the horrible facial expression screen capture.

Second, I don’t care what side of this thing you’re on… whether or not you think McD’s workers deserve $15/hour or not but, I gotta tell ya, I’m kind of a practical guy and, how I see this is, the way to NOT get $15/hour or ANY $/hour is to get arrested.  Let alone, arrested in your work uniform.

Be careful, good decision-making skills might be a on the check-off list to get hired/a raise, Ya Jagoffs!



Which Way is “Up” Ya Jagoff?


This might be the unique-iest (how about THAT made up word) Jagoff post so far.  At least as far as work-related Jagoffery is concerned.

This photo was sent to us by  fork lift professional that opened up the back of a tractor trailer to unload it and saw what you see in the pic!  It’s for realz.  We know the fork lift driver.

The really cool thing is, the fork lift driver knew EXACTLY what to do with this situation.  Did he file “potential damage” forms at work?  No!  Did he report someone for doing a poor job of loading?  No!  Did he yell and scream about the people that loaded this truck?  Well, maybe for a little while UNTIL he decided to take a picture of what he was seeing and sent it to us!!!!

He also documented that, sending it to us, dropped his blood pressure AND frustration level by at last 50%!!  See?  We’re clinically proven… 9 outta 10 dentists approve us!!!  (The 10th one was a Jagoff!)

There’s not much to say about this… it is what it is.  Here’s what WE are wondering…does the person that loaded this point left or right when they are referring to HEAVEN and/or HELL??  And are they sooooo confused with arrow use that they wear one of those, “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts and the arrow is pointing directly up at their own face?

Then we thought, what if a true YINZER was doing this box.. they might have put the arrow facing downward because, the would have thought “dn” meant “DAHN!”

We have no idea who loaded this but we sure are appreciative that it was sent to us.  The contents of the boxes, by the way, are kitchen cabinets.  And, just in case the same guys, that loaded this truck, are the some people installing the cabinets…..for the record, the granite stuff that comes NEXT goes on TOP of the cabinets, Ya Jagoffs!